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Credibility and Gullibility – the Vaccination Question

[ “credibility”:  “the quality of being believed or accepted as true, real, or honest ” – sometimes not deserved!] [ “gullible”:   “easily fooled or cheated; especially : quick to believe something that is not true“. Hence “gullibility” – ? degree … Continue reading

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Australia’s Double Game on Terrorism

Methinks the man protesteth too much. It seems to me Tony Abbott is an active member of the NWO cabal. Australia has joined the “anti-terrorist” countries that actively contribute to never-ending terrorism! See related article – Australian Senate Kills Civil … Continue reading

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Mobile Phones and WiFi are a “Serious Public Health Issue” – Canadian Parliamentary Report

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
OTTAWA, June 18, 2015 /CNW/ – Cancer, infertility, and learning disabilities might be caused by our cell phones and WiFi, according to a new Parliamentary report. The microwave radiation from our little wireless…

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Progress on the problems with Australia’s ACORN-SAT surface air temperature records

So many unanswered questions, yet people become dedicated followers of global warming alarmism and its political ramifications. Watts Up With That? Dr David R.B. Stockwell writes, Progress on the surface temperature front as follows: Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for … Continue reading

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The Climate Wars’ Damage to Science

This is the most wonderful article that says so much of what I believe to be reality. So much factual information and claims. A pleasure to read and reblog! Watts Up With That? They are behaving like sixteenth-century priests who … Continue reading

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Climate Compensation – It’s Alice in Wonderland Revisited

Originally posted on rhymeafterrhyme:
How to bankrupt the developed world? Take an unproven hypothesis, use fear and ignorance and tax payers money to market it as anthropogenic global warming and raise huge taxes and restrict growth. No warming? OK, re-badge…

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Ideology is the Problem

I am rudely copying this verbatim for my own benefit. Readers please follow the link  to find an interesting blog. A philosophy that is not easy to absorb, but the thrust is important to understand, if one’s reasoning is to … Continue reading

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New Claims ‘Murky’ Global Warming Statistics Are ‘Guessed At’

There are many, many scientific factors involved in the evaluation of global temperatures. The list includes measurement, site selection, selection and use of mathematical and computer processes, interpretation and calculating compensations, establishing local temperatures, then global averages, then trends in … Continue reading

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Global Warming Theorists – A Modest Suggestion

Originally posted on Musings from the Chiefio:
I have a modest suggestion for the proper term to apply to those who advocate for Global Warming, Climate Change, Catastrophic Climate Change, Weather Weirding, Climate Chaos, {whatever rebranding marketing term of the…

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Smart meter rollout is linked to a rise in disconnections

Originally posted on Stop Smart Meters Australia:
VICTORIA’s electricity smart meter rollout has been linked to a rise in disconnections. And fees to pay for the rollout have also pushed up power prices, putting a strain on low-income households, a…

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