Global Warming Theorists – A Modest Suggestion

Not enough to get excited about, but a nice approach and conclusion, and a simple, respectful, factual statement:

“Those folks who are advocating for the destructive power of CO2 on climate have a theory. They have a load of dodgy doctored data, and some woefully inadequate computer models. Their data is about as good as the “Ancient Astronauts Theorists” data (in some ways the AAT folks have better data since it is often physical drawings and ancient writings carved in stone and not adjusted, manipulated, or otherwise corrupted). Their computer models leave out the most important physical parts of the actual process (clouds, variable sun, tides variable with lunar cycles, etc.) and so are about as complete as the speculations of the Ancient Astronaut Theorists. And they have their cherished theory (in both cases). So with that in mind, I have made the modest suggestion that in future they be called “Global Warming Theorists”. I think it fits, and is just about right on the emoto-meter.

I will adopt Mike’s term happily. Always unsure about “warmists” and “alarmists” which were the best that I could ever come up with.
Come to think about, we all (global warming bloggers), are theorists, whichever way we lean, however, our theories are much closer allied to verifiable scientific methods and conclusions, that makes the difference.

Musings from the Chiefio

I have a modest suggestion for the proper term to apply to those who advocate for Global Warming, Climate Change, Catastrophic Climate Change, Weather Weirding, Climate Chaos, {whatever rebranding marketing term of the week they are pushing now}.

There’s been an ongoing series of terms used. Warmers. Warmistas. Global Warming Advocates. Climate Nazis. It’s a long list. Some, like “Warmers” fairly polite. Others intended to denigrate and abuse. I’ve pondered for a while how best to combine a reasonable degree of respect for those who hold the “natural climate denier” POV and advocate for the CO2 driven warming position, while still preserving just a touch of “reservation” about the quality of their conclusions.

I think I’ve finally settled on one.

“Global Warming Theorists”

Sidebar on The History Channel

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2 Responses to Global Warming Theorists – A Modest Suggestion

  1. Global Warming Theorists,
    Now that’s a great suggestion:
    I will use that term
    When the pseudo-science I question.

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