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ISIS Origins and Supporters.

Some interesting articles, somewhat based on the same newly released documents but offering different explanations and insights into what looks like the real world. Now what can you believe in the mainstream press? Perhaps you are reading the wrong newspapers … Continue reading

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Activist Posts on Globalist and New World Order issues

Far to much information is available in so many ways. Far to much for this blog to do justice to.  A sort-of-solution is to promote current ‘Activist Post’ posts as follows: The Political Agenda Behind Alien Disclosure Aaron and Melissa … Continue reading

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Some Videos On The Global Warming Fraud

Originally posted on Musings from the Chiefio:
There are a variety of videos on YouTube about Global Warming. Many of them fairly decently demonstrating the stupidity of the Global Warming fraud mantras. I’ve collected just a few of them here.…

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