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132 Nations Join To End Rothschild Banking Jig aka; NWO: The Secret He-man Mutual Appreciation Economy!

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1913 rothschild federal reserve Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the ‘tin-foil’ hat conspiracies, increasingly proven to be true, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, is the center of a…

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It’s The Water, And A Lot More (vapor)

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The title of this posting comes from an old beer commercial. Olympia Beer, for decades, had the slogan “It’s the Water, and A Lot More!”. Trivia for those who might not have a…

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Another Model -vs- Reality problem – National Weather Offices: Canada, A Case Study With National And Global Implications.

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Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball An article by Lord Monckton outlined his involvements with Thomas Karl, Director of NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center in Asheville NC. It arose from a publication by Karl…

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Australian Coalition says kidnap risk means wealthy need tax reporting exemptions

Corruption in the Coalition!

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