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Will COVID19 Cause a Recession or Depression

Originally posted on RISE:
There is no doubt that the COVID19 virus has taken over our world.? With that comes great uncertainty. We are unsure what the aftermath of this pandemic represents and wonder about the economic consequences of the…

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Climate Change Reconsidered

“Climate Change”, as a scare for gaining global dominance over all countries may have been superseded, but still lives on and is a hugely negative factor on Australian resources, also a drain on our finances. Given that, critical opposition and … Continue reading

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Vaccine Injuries Ratio: One for Every 39 Vaccines Administered

The “Children’s Health Defense” organization, and website present the following information to support the title claim of serious frequencies of vaccine damage and unfounded contrary claims by the medical industry. By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman, Children’s Health Defense … Continue reading

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Covid-19 – Circus or Global Control

Greg Piper – Associate Editor March 19, 2020 Share this article: The College Fix on Facebook The College Fix on Twitter The College Fix on Youtube Share on Email ‘Like an elephant being attacked by a house cat’ “If we … Continue reading

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