AGW Motivation, Climate Change Agenda, New World Order, Agenda 21

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This isn’t the first time I have admitted to laziness, so it won’t come as a surprise.

If you are interested in some expert posting and follow-up commentary on the above subjects and their relationships, please follow the link below to the Chiefio blog post “Foia – Agenda 21“.

A great deal of important, factual and frightening information is discussed there. This follows the themes already mentioned on this blog. Themes that are often ridiculed by many, especially the “warmists”.

E.M. Smith and his reliable commenters have poured their energies into these issues. It is pointless to try to emulate their efforts, and I would not be proud to reproduce them here. Actually, I would be proud to have their content on this site, but not proud to have copied it.

Please, do yourselves a favour, learn something of immense importance, learn about Agenda 21 and the related goings-on.

There are some things that you look at, and just say to yourself: “No Way.  That’s Crazy Talk.” and ignore.

That had been my attitude toward “Agenda 21″.   When I first ran into it, and took a glance.  Yet Another UN Nutty Committee with Yet Another Crazy Agenda.  So what? Just some “feel good crap” folks were mumbling at each other in the UN.

From that point forward, as folks would bring it up, I’d think “I’m not going to get involved in running after Crazy Talk and be painted as a believer in Conspiracy Theories.

But when you find that folks in position of influence and power are, in fact, following Agenda 21, promoting it, working to it’s goals, and, dare I say it, to its “agenda”…

At some point you have to recognize that it is a real threat.  Not a small one, either.  It looks to do no less than enforce a global order of mass urbanization and depopulation of the countryside.  The removal of personal property rights.  The establishment of a kind of collectivization not seen since the Third Reich, Stalin’s Russian, and Red China of Mao.  (That’s why I’d just written it off as “Crazy talk”…)    Yet there is real evidence of folks working to pursue Agenda 21.

It has a pernicious infective attribute to it.  A “train the trainer” kind of viral aspect.  It works to influence “from global to local” so metastasizes into millions of local chapters, each under it’s own banner, so not seen as part of a whole.  We see that in the Emails, too.  Like terrorist cells, each cell is to pursue The Agenda in the local area.  Find new recruits.  Expand and control.  Again, “Crazy Talk”.  Yet we find one of them working to influence in the emails.  How many times must something be seen to believe it real?

Read on and be enlightened!

I would be pleased to hear your comments!

His site has much to look at, much to learn from, especially his work and posts on “Average Global Temperature” and likely mis-information by the “respected” authorities.

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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