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Coalition to UN climate talks: F*** OFF!!

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
Shove it, bitch Bravo! The new Coalition government in Australia give the big finger to the latest UN climate gab-fest: AUSTRALIA has downgraded its role in global climate change negotiations and will not send…

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Politicians Act as Agents of the United Nations to Enforce AGENDA 21 Upon Australians

Politicians Show Preference for Covert Undemocratic AG21 Policy Graham Williamson Revised edition January 2013 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper is about Agenda 21 and its implementation in Australia. Its primary purpose is to examine the implementation process and assess its democratic … Continue reading

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The Special Loophole in Hell for War Lawyers By David Swanson

More “ammunition” (from the almighty ‘pen’ as distinct from the sword), against war and war crimes. The warring situation has become so widespread and out of common-sense control that it seems impossible to see the end or even to see … Continue reading

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AGW Motivation, Climate Change Agenda, New World Order, Agenda 21

This isn’t the first time I have admitted to laziness, so it won’t come as a surprise. If you are interested in some expert posting and follow-up commentary on the above subjects and their relationships, please follow the link below … Continue reading

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A New World Order – Fact or Fiction?

This post comes about from searching for a post on the claim that the Fukushima tsunami was caused, not just by an earthquake, but by deliberate man-ipulation. The point is, do you believe everything you read? Of course not, but … Continue reading

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