Politicians Act as Agents of the United Nations to Enforce AGENDA 21 Upon Australians

Australian Coat of Arms (adopted 1912)

Australian Coat of Arms (adopted 1912) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Politicians Show Preference for Covert Undemocratic AG21 Policy
Graham Williamson Revised edition January 2013

This paper is about Agenda 21 and its implementation in Australia. Its primary purpose is to examine the implementation process and assess its democratic foundations and whether the public have truly been permitted to make an informed democratic choice. Its secondary purpose is to evaluate whether Agenda 21 is beneficial and necessary for Australians.
Using extensive documentary evidence from experts, combined with personal correspondence documented in the Appendices, the following fundamental facts have been established.

1. Agenda 21 is a fundamentally undemocratic, sovereignty threatening, UN designed and monitored program which is being banned overseas because of the threat it poses to fundamental human rights. Agenda 21 is found to pose a serious risk to freedom and human rights and is unnecessarily foreign in its origin and control.
2. All three levels of government have been undemocratically implementing this program throughout Australia, on behalf of the UN, for 10-20 years. All the evidence indicates the consistent political refusal to publicly declare AG21 policy has been non-negotiable & bipartisan.
3. In 20 years, all major political parties have refused to openly declare their Agenda 21 policy during elections to enable citizens to make an informed democratic choice. All major parties have preferred to implement Agenda 21 as undeclared or covert policy. As a result, community ignorance about AG21 and its implications are widespread.
4. Although pervasively embedded into government (undeclared) policy at all levels, when directly questioned about AG21 our elected representatives go to extraordinary lengths to either avoid the subject or pretend it is not being implemented. From all my enquiries, not one politician or bureaucrat eagerly responded by openly detailing the many ways in which the tentacles of AG21 are being implemented through the various government departments. Implementation of Agenda 21 is based upon a failure to accurately and truthfully inform Australians. It is based upon deception and trashing of democracy.

AG21 is a policy far bigger than any other policy. It is a policy of 20 years duration. It is a policy implemented by both major parties and all 3 levels of government around Australia. It has penetrated from Canberra to local communities everywhere. It shapes our legal system, our economic system, our environmental system, our political system, and even the education of our children. It is not possible to imagine a more massive political policy, yet it is excluded from the electoral agenda and the official policies of all major parties. This policy is being enforced upon us and we have been denied any democratic choice. Why?
This is a massive scandal and it is why our politicians are desperately trying to shut the debate down. It is a scandal that dwarfs even the CO2 tax and climate change which form just one part of it.

The past 20 years, and my correspondence detailed in the Appendix, show quite clearly that a change of government will not solve this issue. What is needed is a return to democracy, dramatically increased political accountability, strengthening of sovereignty, and a renewed political commitment of allegiance to the people rather than an allegiance to the UN.

All 3 levels of government in Australia, and all major political parties, have chosen to implement a foreign United Nations designed and monitored ‘sustainability’ program called Agenda 21. Governments have been implementing this program around Australia for 10-20 years although all major parties have been unanimous in their decision not to give Australians a democratic choice on this issue at election time. Further, this foreign program has pervasively infiltrated local councils and the legal system so that property rights are being insidiously and progressively transferred from humans to plants and the environment. And our politicians, without the knowledge or permission of the overwhelming majority of Australians, have even seen fit to embed this foreign program into the school curriculum to ensure our children are indoctrinated with UN propaganda.

In view of these developments I contacted various political parties in an attempt to clarify their policy regarding Agenda 21. This paper documents more than 12 months research into Agenda 21 & the response of political parties & elected representatives to simple questions regarding the implementation of this foreign UN program. It documents the difficulties involved in obtaining clear truthful answers from our elected representatives, irrespective of the party they represent. And it documents the death of democracy in Australia as political parties present one policy to the people during elections, but when elected they proceed to implement undeclared or covert policies, or policies of which they are apparently so ashamed they refuse to openly discuss them.

This paper documents this disturbing abandonment of democracy. How is it possible to have a pervasive far reaching program such as Agenda 21 implemented by government departments and councils throughout Australia for 10-20 years and yet this program is omitted from official policy? And when our elected representatives are directly questioned about implementation of this UN program, why do they feel the need to go to extraordinary lengths to refuse to discuss it or even pretend it is not being implemented?
It is astonishing that my exhaustive attempts to obtain simple answers from our elected representatives have met with such a solid brick wall of deception or obfuscation.
In order to supply background information, and evidence from experts and from government departments, I have included the following detailed Appendices below. Most of the Appendices are self-explanatory. Appendix J documents some of the real life results of the government drive to support the ecocentric rewriting of the legal system and the erosion of property rights as proposed by Agenda 21. Appendix K documents the involvement of councils which are at the forefront of the implementation of UN AG21 restriction of land use and property rights while Appendix L documents my complaint to the NSW Ombudsman regarding council involvement.

Read on here for the remainder of this paper which clearly demonstrates the bypassing of democratic decision making processes in Australia, and the inability or refusal of government and public representatives to explain the validity of the UN Agenda 21 being implemented without due legal process.


About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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4 Responses to Politicians Act as Agents of the United Nations to Enforce AGENDA 21 Upon Australians

  1. Project BackgroundAn outcome of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), “the Rio Earth Summit,” was Agenda 21, a comprehensive plan for global, national, and local actionon sustainable development. Twenty years later the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), “Rio 20”, is focusing on a “green economy” agenda. The goal of this research project is to help local governments around the world more effectively implement Local Agenda 21s (LA21s ) — or other community sustainability plans — and transition toward a local green economy. The project focuses on innovative collaborative governance structures, thus contributing to the implementation of global environmental governance agendas and informing future international policy discussions.

    • I think that you are saying Agenda21 with its sustainability and green agenda is actually a good thing.
      Some of it may be good but if your read all the information about the not so good aspects, including the non-constitutional controls being implemented without democratic process, and you ask yourself why?, the overall picture is bad.
      That is the way it looks to me and to supporting bloggers and readers.
      Or have I misconstrued your comment?
      Thanks Colleen. All sensible comments, as is yours, are welcome.

  2. As has been mentioned in various documents that You – I and Others have posted TODAYS POLITICIANS (in the main) know little or nothing about Agenda 21 or its underlying purpose. That is why we are considered loopy nut cases (polite speak) looking for demons around every corner. It has been inserted very quietly into all areas of our lives, so much so that we naow accept and take the realities and ramifications for granted.

    In an (slightly off topic) other item I came across in today’s mail…. children are to be stopped from having big birthday cakes with candles on at playgroup/school….. blowing out candles will spread germs to others – and you know Ken that parents will just accept this and get on with being controlled by the establishment. (http://world.time.com/2013/02/07/australian-kids-face-birthday-candle-ban-to-prevent-spreading-germs/)

    This is how A21 and other control mechanisms have infiltrated our lives – we did nothing to stop them.

  3. It seems that anyone who is in a reasonable position to stop or oppose the Agenda21 implementation are themselves either ignorant of the ramifications or having something personal to gain.
    Parents unless organised as a group, or, as in some rare cases, exceptional activists, are pretty helpless in general. The internet is helping the information spread and gaining supporters, but the biggest group that I am aware of is Facebook. In general facebook members are not thinking very far from ‘home’.
    Someone said “I always wanted to read people’s minds and now I can, on Facebook”
    Trouble is, their minds do not, on the whole, reveal much of substance at all.

    Regarding politicians – some of them are definitely ignorant, some are probably in the know but are committed to their own agendas or higher ones like Agenda21.
    I find it hard to believe that julia is not aware and not assisting the NWO movement.
    On the other hand, she may be stupid. as she demonstrated by saying that people who are suspicious of the 9/11 official story are stupid.

    Thanks for your comment Clare.
    Regards, Ken.

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