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The #1 WORST Food that CAUSES Faster Aging (beware!)

A hesitant inclusion in the health category of this blog. Initial information seems genuine enough, I suppose the whole post is genuine, however it is the precursor to the marketing of their book. So, I have no reason to promote … Continue reading

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Six facts you need to know about eating oils and fats

FRom ‘Natural News‘, by Jonathan Benson, staff writer. (NaturalNews) One of the most widely misunderstood food groups today, oils and fats can be both crucial and detrimental to your health, depending on what type they are and how they are … Continue reading

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The Great Global Warming Swindle.

I am a believer – of what is presented in this video. I am a denier of the theory and practice related to man-made CO2 being related to catastrophic climate change.

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