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The Heart Foundation Tick of Death

Originally posted on Get a Fresh Start:
If it has the Heart Foundation tick of approval, don’t buy it. More often than not that shit aint food. It is merely a mashup of mostly non food, toxic ingredients that will…

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Six facts you need to know about eating oils and fats

FRom ‘Natural News‘, by Jonathan Benson, staff writer. (NaturalNews) One of the most widely misunderstood food groups today, oils and fats can be both crucial and detrimental to your health, depending on what type they are and how they are … Continue reading

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Everyone knows artificial sweeteners aren’t good for you, so why are people still eating them?

This article is from Sott.net, written by Doug DiPasquale. It is reproduced here except for the introduction. The question that is asked in the title is valid. The answers are comprehensive, and the problem is made quite clear, from the … Continue reading

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Waiter, There is Arsenic in My Rice

Like ‘they’ say, you learn something new everyday. Wherever one looks, there are signs of human race self-destruction in action. Sometimes intentional, sometimes not. In this case, purely from ignorance and, of course, a bit of profiteering.

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Do You Have a Wheat Belly?

“Wheat contains a type of sugar called amylopectin A that raises blood sugar in an extravagant fashion. Eating just two slices of whole wheat bread, can raise blood sugar more than two tablespoons of pure sugar. This leads to the … Continue reading

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Food Safety – Plastic Packaging and related uses

Well worth a read and some thought.

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