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AP’s Seth Borenstein gets something right (but only the date)

An overview, directly relevant to the Paris “climate change” meeting, which destroys the substance of all of the IPCC and associated claims demanding immediate political and financial sacrifices intended to prevent catastrophic global environmental changes. No such changes are occurring, … Continue reading

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This is what one well-known truth activist in America thinks about the ramifications of the TPP on America. Without doing a lot of homework, I would hazard a guess that Australia would not be a great deal differently affected. This … Continue reading

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“Conversations: Climate change is happening” Part 5.

This post is directed at the ABC News (Aus), ‘Drum Opinion’ post of the same name! Ref: The foregoing comments in previous parts apply to funding and other influences.   It is also appropriate to iterate that addressing one side of … Continue reading

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Japanese & British Data Show Vaccines Cause Autism

Originally posted on ____________________Child Health Safety_________________:
:::: :::::: :: :::: :::: Just months following the US Court of Federal Claims rejection of the claim that the MMR vaccine causes autism, here you will see data from formal peer refereed medical…

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Vaccinations – No Unchallenged Justification for Mandatory Enforcement.

One more post on this topic and I will give it a rest. Basically an offering of my own viewpoints and conclusions. An issue of immense ramifications, an endless number of information sources and interested parties, of major health consequences, … Continue reading

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Study: Vaccinated Children Have 2 to 5 Times More Diseases and Disorders Than Unvaccinated Children

Genuine expert information to give cause to open-minded consideration. Mandatory vaccinations are far from fair, safe, necessary, ethical or justified. by David Michael Augenstein Journal of Natural Food and Health A German study released in September 2011 of about 8000 UNVACCINATED … Continue reading

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Parliament of Australia – Mandatory Vaccinations – Democrazy!

A post concerning mandatory vaccinations becoming law in Australia. This is the way our Australian democracy works – A committee is advised what the government wants and then hold an inquiry that confirms and upholds the desired end result. Evidence … Continue reading

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Corrupted Australian Surface Temperature Records

Just to keep the Australian scene available to the public. A bit technical but it provides a contrast to the warmist propaganda! Watts Up With That? Older records may be fragile but was diligence any betterin recent decades? Guest essay … Continue reading

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The Climate Change Inquisition Begins

An interesting title, a post on ‘The FEDERALIST’ category “Global Warming“. For me, this adds another opportunity to “beat my head against a brick wall”, as a friend highlighted and something of which I am constantly aware. “Brick wall” it … Continue reading

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Back to Basics Part 1 – What is Global Warming?

Information needing to be understood by the public, although it is technical. “Figure 1.2-1 shows the annual global land+ocean surface temperature anomalies, based on the UKMO HadCRUT4 reconstruction, from its start year in 1850 through to 2014. Based on the … Continue reading

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