Back to Basics Part 1 – What is Global Warming?

Information needing to be understood by the public, although it is technical.

Figure 1.2-1 shows the annual global land+ocean surface temperature anomalies, based on the UKMO HadCRUT4 reconstruction, from its start year in 1850 through to 2014. Based on the linear trend, global surfaces are warming at a not-very-alarming long-term rate of about 0.06 deg C/decade (about 0.10 deg F/ decade)…for a total warming of less than 0.8 deg C (about 1.4 deg F) since 1880.”

A part of a huge amount of data supporting, scientifically, genuine criticism of the falsely-based political and financial controls being currently imposed.

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Bob Tisdale

This is the first part of a two-part series of posts that present chapters from my recently published ebook On Global Warming and the Illusion of Control – Part 1.  The introductory post for the book is here (WattsUpWithThat cross post is here), and the book in pdf format is here (25 MB). Yes, the book is free.

The topic of this post is What is Global Warming?  The second post, to be published next week, is What is Climate Change?

1.2 – What is Global Warming?

The term “global warming” has come to mean the warming of our planet Earth (the surface, the lower atmosphere, and the oceans to depth) that has been caused by, and will be further enhanced by, the emissions of man-made greenhouse gases.  No one bothers calling it man-made global warming or anthropogenic global warming or human-induced

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