Saturday silliness – the BEST adjustments of temperature

Courtesy WUWT and   this impressive post.

Back to the Global Warming Conspiracy – If you read this post and its links you will either start questioning your faith in the official CAGW (Catastrophic Anthropogenic Warming), or “Climate Change” scenario, OR, please contribute a sensible argument against the claims being made here.
No emotional rhetoric please, just factual evidence that disputes the claims.
To me, the situation is clear-cut!
There is no irrefutable evidence that global surface or atmospheric temperatures are warming as a result of man-made carbon pollution. Not even validated evidence of any significant human related global warming, other than human population and urban heat effects, if it comes to that!
What is shown here is clear evidence of “cooking the temperature record books”. Clearly there is some deliberate dishonesty involved, by some scientists and many associated people.
If, as is claimed here, there is/are deliberate selection of temperature recording sites and corrections/manipulation of data, it follows that a political agenda drives the whole movement.
If the reader wishes to economize on spent time, the Delingpole link suffices. Only if you mistrust his work or motives need you verify the claims by reading the other papers.
So, please refrain from branding clear-thinking serious people as “deniers” and learn about the facts that we rely on for our conclusions.

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Josh writes:

There has been much discussion recently about the adjustments made to past temperatures: see Paul Homewood’s excellent posts on ParaguayBolivia and around the world; also from Shub; Brandon at WUWT and on his own blog; and a very readable summary by James Delingpole. All very interesting.

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3 Responses to Saturday silliness – the BEST adjustments of temperature

  1. Chris Hanley says:

    “There is no irrefutable evidence that global surface or atmospheric temperatures are warming as a result of man-made carbon pollution …”.
    I read your comment on WUWT.
    The term ‘carbon pollution’ is alarmist newspeak for carbon dioxide, CO2, naturally occurring colourless, odourless gas essential for plant photosynthesis and life on Earth.
    Using their loaded language can best be described as an own goal or friendly fire.

    • Thanks for your support Chris.
      It is futile to argue that CO2 has NO greenhouse warming effect, but it is scientifically valid to argue that CO2 has negligible effect compared to all other factors. I agree with you that its benefits outweigh any real or imagined ill-effects.

  2. omanuel says:

    It is now time for skeptics to relax and watch the TRAGIC-COMEDY of would-be world tyrants and puppet scientists unfold:

    They tried to save themselves and the world from nuclear annihilation in 1945 by:

    1. Forming the UN to take totalitarian control of society, and

    2. Changing solar and nuclear physics to hide Neutron Repulsion in cores of atoms, planets, stars and galaxies heavier than 150 atomic mass units (when nuclear structure inverts [1] into neutrons at the core; neutron-proton pairs at the nuclear surface).

    At the limits of comprehension, at the intersection of spiritual and scientific knowledge, an “intelligent and creative Mind” (Max Planck) guides force fields from the Sun’s pulsar core to create and sustain every atom, life and world in the Solar System . . .

    a volume of space greater than that of ten billion, billion Earth’s !

    I.e., world leaders & puppet scientists tried to hide a force of creation that is incomprehensibly more powerful than anything they could have imagined.

    Whether or not skeptics succeed, world leaders will certainly fail to control God’s force of creation.

    1. See page 3, “Solar energy,” Adv. Astronomy (submitted for on-line review, 6 JAN 2015):

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