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Why We May Need Viruses More Than Vaccines

An article by Sayer Ji,  Activist Post, provides some thought-provocation and a lateral approach to a science, vaccination, that is currently in the news for its controversial issues concerning adverse reactions. A groundbreaking study published this month in Nature challenges … Continue reading

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Churches Won’t Be Charged ‘Rain Tax’ if they Preach Global Warming

This blog is one of diverse topics. The reason why, I guess, even with an impressive number of followers, approaching 600, (whom I sincerely thank), daily visits to the site average about 50 with an occasional impressive spike. Even though … Continue reading

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People Starting To Ask About Motive For Massive IPCC Deception

A clear, comprehensive, convincing article that discusses the political agenda associated with the “climate change” movement. An excerpt: “People who knew, didn’t think to question what was going on for a variety of reasons. This situation makes the statement by … Continue reading

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Finally, Some Really Good News

Perversely, this post title is misleading, in that there is no good news here at all. That reported deaths were fictional simply means no deaths occurred, but the public can gain no real joy from that, only the shame of … Continue reading

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Mainstream media finally exposes secretive vaccine court

This is an important part of the overall vaccine industry issue. Besides offering proof of far more vaccine damaged persons than admitted by the “system”, it exposes what is basically one of the cover-up processes. This law system fails in … Continue reading

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Confused about vaccines? Important Lessons from a ‘Scientist’

I like this post by Mel Hopper Koppelman from her blog “A Better Way to Health“. A little cynical in her approach but a great deal of information is revealed. Why not be cynical anyway, in this world of deceit … Continue reading

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Evidence Is Now Conclusive: Two Ukrainian Government Fighter-Jets Shot Down Malaysian Airlines MH17. It was Not a ‘Buk’ Surface to Air Missile

Some bed-time reading for the Australian Prime Minister and others: (Well he obviously is not being properly advised by his staff!). By Eric Zuesse Global Research, November 05, 2014 The latest report from the intelligence community was headlined on August … Continue reading

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Have We Just Witnessed The Last Gasp Of The Global Economy?

An opinion article which might just be worth consideration. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, so ‘they’ say!  It may be wrong but at least it is thought-provoking. Amended 7 Nov., to add bold emphasis. In re-reading this, I … Continue reading

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Where Russia Stands and What it Stands For.

Thanks to ‘Zero Hedge’ for this article. Regardless of what views of Putin are impressed on us by the Western leaders and their compliant medias, Putin has an accurate and common-sense understanding of the real world and the dire consequences that the US … Continue reading

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How Ironic – Scientific Organization Involved in Influencing the Public into Believing Non-scientific Propaganda.

This ‘Infowars.Com’ post by by Kit Daniels. reveals how brainwashing the public is now part of the scientific world,  just as it is with the politicians, world leaders and mass media. The National Science Foundation is funding a study to … Continue reading

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