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U.S. Scientific Research Enterprise Should Take Action to Protect Integrity in Research

From the website of ‘The National Academies of SCIENCE – ENGINEERING – MEDICINE“ U.S. Scientific Research Enterprise Should Take Action to Protect Integrity in Research; New Advisory Board on Research Integrity Should Be Established WASHINGTON – All stakeholders in the … Continue reading

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“The Truth About The Pharmaceutical Industry”

The whole title – Pfizer Vice President Blows The Whistle & Tells The Truth About The Pharmaceutical Industry An article that tells of the enormous power (and corruption) that belies the image and beliefs we public have regarding the medical … Continue reading

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How Ironic – Scientific Organization Involved in Influencing the Public into Believing Non-scientific Propaganda.

This ‘Infowars.Com’ post by by Kit Daniels. reveals how brainwashing the public is now part of the scientific world,  just as it is with the politicians, world leaders and mass media. The National Science Foundation is funding a study to … Continue reading

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AGW – A Peer-Reviewed Deception – The “Sky is Not Falling”

From “Friends of Science”, this informative video published on their Facebook site. Much commonsense, badly needed.

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AGW – On People who Live in Glass Houses (with corrections 29/3)

Over at WUWT, there is discussion about the attack on the honesty,  integrity and general competence of those of us who challenge the supposed AGW ‘settled science’ and its body of supporters, as thrust into the public arena by Stephan … Continue reading

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