AGW – On People who Live in Glass Houses (with corrections 29/3)

Over at WUWT, there is discussion about the attack on the honesty,  integrity and general competence of those of us who challenge the supposed AGW ‘settled science’ and its body of supporters, as thrust into the public arena by Stephan Lewandowsky and John Cook of “Sceptical Science”.


Greenhouse (Photo credit: Chickenboots)

Back in 2011 a series of articles, one of which is attributed to Stephan Lewandowsky, published in the Australian ABC’s  “Drum” section were instrumental in what I would term brainwashing the Australian public in advance of the then impending, infamous “carbon tax”.

His particular contribution was, as in this case, denigrating the “unbelievers”.

At that time I reacted by offering a series of responses, published only on this website and therefore reaching very few readers. The Golden Rule now has over 200 followers and averages about 50 hits a day, still miniscule in the big picture, but rewarding and encouraging to me.

So, I wish to support WUWT in their criticism of these “scientists” who resort to rhetoric, propaganda and slurring of the integrity of persons who stand up for truth and justice.

Please read Anthony Watt’s post ” Second Lewandowsky conspiracy theory paper delinked from journal “, if you are interested in this seemingly endless wrangling of the truth about CO2 and Carbon political control mechanisms and discover the very dubious methods adopted by the challenged scientists. As this post title suggests, throwing stones when one lives in a fragile dwelling is a potential for disaster.

Just in case anyone is interested, I include links to these posts published here in 2011.

“Conversations: Climate change is happening” Part 6.

This post is directed at the ABC News (Aus), ‘Drum Opinion’ post of the same name! Ref: The foregoing comments in Part 1 regarding funding and other influences apply to all papers.   It is also appropriate to iterate that addressing one side … Continue reading →


“Conversations: Climate change is happening” Part 5.

“Conversations: Climate change is happening” Part 4.

“Conversations: Climate change is happening” Part 3.

“Conversations: Climate change is happening” Part 2.

“Conversations: Climate change is happening” Part 1.

This post is directed at the ABC News (Aus), ‘Drum Opinion’ post of the same name! Ref: Of course climate change is “happening”, this is a nonsensical statement. Never has it not been happening. “Clearing up the Climate Debate” – … Continue reading →

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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