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False-Flag Events.

There is a wealth of internet information dealing with staged events, often called “psy-ops”. ” Psychological operations (PSYOP) are planned operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the … Continue reading

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A world war has begun. Break the silence.

A post by John Pilger, ‘’ deserving wide-spread reading. A small extract: I relate this experience as a warning and to interrupt a distraction that has consumed so many of us.  The founder of modern propaganda, Edward Bernays, described this … Continue reading

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“Conversations: Climate change is happening” Part 5.

This post is directed at the ABC News (Aus), ‘Drum Opinion’ post of the same name! Ref: The foregoing comments in previous parts apply to funding and other influences.   It is also appropriate to iterate that addressing one side of … Continue reading

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Academic oligarchy: Majority of science publishing is controlled by just six companies

I suppose this is no real surprise, but it is certainly a disappointment when highlighted as such an obvious adulteration of our science processes. Distorted and unbalanced publishing of scientific matters is a most serious situation which carries right down … Continue reading

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Check this out and keep an open mind when watching the mass media news.

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What the News Isn’t Saying About Vaccine-Autism Studies

I would like to promote this post by ‘Sharyl Attkinson‘ for its commonsense and informative look at the vaccine-autism link issues, the publicly promoted scientific claims of ‘proofs’ and the associated public debate. Related articles are being progressively updated, adding … Continue reading

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Russia In The Cross Hairs. Washington’s Threats have moved Into the Realm of Insanity

From Global Research  By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Important understanding of the political and economic realities regarding the West and Russia. In particular, the absolute adulteration of truth that is presented publicly by the mass media, and the pathetic attempts … Continue reading

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Understanding the “Islamic State”

As is normal, no!, wrong word, nothing is normal anymore – As is becoming more obvious these days, very few things are as they seem, or are as they are claimed to be by government leaders, mainstream media, big business … Continue reading

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ISIS Supply Lines Originate in NATO’s Turkey : Report

Have you ever wondered how ISIS/ISIL/IS was able to spring into the Middle East arena so fully equipped with vehicles and weapons? Are you still prepared to rely on information and news from the mainstream media? From ‘Information Clearing House‘ … Continue reading

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How The Global Elite Rule The World

World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes Reveals How The Global Elite Rule The World by Michael Snyder Karen Hudes is a graduate of Yale Law School and she worked in the legal department of the World Bank for more than 20 … Continue reading

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