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US Empire is at war with the world and Russia is the main force holding the criminal organization at bay

From ‘SOTT‘ by Finian Cunningham Sputnik News The concluding chapter: Let’s just say it. NATO is a warmongering machine that promotes Western hegemony in the world. It has got nothing to do with security unless you mean security for US-led … Continue reading

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ISIS Supply Lines Originate in NATO’s Turkey : Report

Have you ever wondered how ISIS/ISIL/IS was able to spring into the Middle East arena so fully equipped with vehicles and weapons? Are you still prepared to rely on information and news from the mainstream media? From ‘Information Clearing House‘ … Continue reading

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Syria refers Terrorism to U.N. Security Council.

Originally posted on nsnbc:
Syria refers Terrorism to U.N. Security Council. SANA – nsnbc. On Thursday the Syrian Foreign and Expatriates Ministry addressed two identical letters to the President of the Security Council and the UN Secretary General Ban Kyi-moon.…

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Press TV correspondent killed for exposing truth

Originally posted on nsnbc:
Press TV correspondent killed for exposing truth Press TV colleagues of the late Maya Naser described how his only weapon was his microphone and his commitment to telling the truth about the violence ravaging his country.…

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No Spin News –

I have often posted articles from Christof Lehmann’s website ‘NSNBC’. They generally relate to publishing truthful accounts of what goes on in the general areas of Africa and the Middle East. Exposing the spin, rhetoric, mis-reporting, under-reporting found in the … Continue reading

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