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Press TV correspondent killed for exposing truth

Originally posted on nsnbc:
Press TV correspondent killed for exposing truth Press TV colleagues of the late Maya Naser described how his only weapon was his microphone and his commitment to telling the truth about the violence ravaging his country.…

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Louis Armstrong had it right – What a Wonderful World!

About time we had some really human, as distinct from animalistic behaviour to publish. Hmmmm! I think I am confused.  Is it possible that human behaviour is “animalistic’ and animal behaviour is what we would like humans to follow? Watch … Continue reading

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Engineering Consent For An Attack On Syria – “Civilian Massacre” Story Falls Apart

Another article denouncing the mainstream media lies about the Syrian situation. This ‘Information Clearing House’ post by Alex Newman, indicates the misinformation is spear-headed by the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who, once again, is proven to be telling … Continue reading

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Al Qaeda Is a Complete Fabrication – a Made in the USA production.

“The essence of any communication campaign is to successfully deliver the message to the targeted recipients and make them react to it the way you wished. – Allied Media Corps” This quote starts off the post by ‘PressCore’ that aptly … Continue reading

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NATO´s Secret Terrorist Armies.

After reading this post from ‘NSBNC’, please ask yourselves “what is going on here?” NATO have become War Criminals, no small country (that includes large countries with small populations, like Australia) is safe from outside take-over. Whether by violence, if … Continue reading

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Libya – Injustice extreme, committed by NATO and the West.

When I read other posts which make sense to me, fit my theme of exposing lies and injustices, and are written far more competently than I could hope to, I am pleased to add to their exposure and offer my … Continue reading

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