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Holding truth gently

Originally posted on Journey Through the Chrysalis:
“Truth is best served by recognizing a viewpoint as only a viewpoint, and refraining from taking that extra step of regarding it as true to the exclusion of all other views. In other…

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The Dignity of Corpses – the Dignity of the Living.

COTO posts an article by Robert C. Koehler titled “The Dignity of Corpses”.  [I’ll come to my extension of the title later.] Robert’s story is so real, so appropriate, so ‘telling’ that it is important to read it. We are … Continue reading

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War Crimes Tribunal – Blair and GW Bush

Pinch me in case I am dreaming! Well, actually it is only symbolic, but a lot of trouble has been gone to. For very good reasons. Maybe it will be useful in publicising the truth of the warmongers lies and atrocities. Maybe … Continue reading

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NATO´s Secret Terrorist Armies.

After reading this post from ‘NSBNC’, please ask yourselves “what is going on here?” NATO have become War Criminals, no small country (that includes large countries with small populations, like Australia) is safe from outside take-over. Whether by violence, if … Continue reading

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