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We Shot an Israeli Jet Down, Sent Others Fleeing | Syrian Army

Originally posted on Covert Geopolitics:
The covert WW3 that’s being fought in the Middle East has just gotten nastier. Earlier in the day, the Israeli military underwent a preempted propaganda denial by saying that the Syrian armed forces shot missiles…

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Pro-Israel speaker booed at Sydney University

I ask the question – Why is there a pro-Israel Zionist speaker trying to influence our Australian students and people? Who has asked for this? What is the agenda here?

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Seize This Moment!

Every time this post passes my view I agonize about reblogging it. This revelation is very strong, making serious claims against “Israel”, past and present. Again I mention the need to be more specific about whether it is referring to … Continue reading

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Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?

There is so much confusion surrounding the missing Boeing 777 that a bit more seems justifiable. Having previously defined a suggested difference between Obama, the US and its people, this reference to ‘Israelis’ also deserves an attempted clarification. Whoever should … Continue reading

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Syria – Why the situation is extremely important to you!

There is so much to say about this. The importance arises from the possible repercussions globally, of a major world war springing from the insistence of the NATO countries that Syrian sovereign government must be overthrown and, in the words … Continue reading

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ENDGAME In Virtual Reality

Something serious to consider. Information not to be discarded lightly IMHO! Related articles Virtual world economist says Guild Wars 2’s pre-endgame economy ‘broken’ (massively.joystiq.com) Shamus Cooke – Syria Endgame Approaching Fast (prn.fm)

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In this nuclear standoff, it’s the US that’s the rogue state

Time to actually think about this issue, not blindly accept media published and government propaganda. Related articles North Korean Standoff Parallel With Pakistan’s Quest For Nuclear Asymmetry – Analysis (eurasiareview.com)

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Israel celebrates successful 9/11 operation on Purim holiday

Didn’t expect to find such a revealing report about such a blatant admission of involvement, as this celebration of the 9/11 attacks. From Dr. Kevin Barrett,  an article posted at Press TV. Something for Americans to think about! Israeli children … Continue reading

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‘Panicked’ Iran makes power move after nuke-site loss

More than “sabre-rattling”. Bombing another country without there being an outcry and serious recriminations does not indicate reason and justice in the world. Who is running (ruining), the world???

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Australian PM forced to be neutral on Palestine vote

Julia Gilllard’s determination to vote ‘with’ Israel and the US is a clear indication of her agenda. She is a globalist. Any rhetoric about supporting a two state existence for Israel and Palestine is simply that and has no substance. … Continue reading

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