Australian PM forced to be neutral on Palestine vote


Palestine (Photo credit: No Lands Too Foreign)

Julia Gilllard’s determination to vote ‘with’ Israel and the US is a clear indication of her agenda. She is a globalist. Any rhetoric about supporting a two state existence for Israel and Palestine is simply that and has no substance.

The fact that she has been forced by the Foreign office and colleagues to compromise by abstaining is fortunate for Australia and represents some semblance of democracy. Nevertheless, a true humanitarian approach would have seen a vote supporting Palestine. To suggest that abstaining  supports the peace process is pure nonsense.

In a scenario typical of “Yes, Prime Minister”, decisions are made independently of the public or humanitarian grounds, and are simply based on political and vote winning factors.

From the ‘Yahoo 7 News’:

Julia Gillard has relented to a Cabinet and backbench push and agreed that Australia will adopt a neutral line on a crucial United Nations vote to give greater status to Palestine – a move certain to anger Washington and Tel Aviv.

In a historic shift, Australia will abstain from a scheduled vote in the UN tomorrow granting observer status to the Palestinian Authority.

Australia had been under pressure from the US and Israel to vote against the change, warning it could harm the Middle East peace process.

_The West Australian _ understands the Prime Minister was told by several ministers in Cabinet on Monday night that Australia should abstain or vote yes.

Ministers Stephen Conroy and Bill Shorten supported the PM’s view that Australia should vote no. But Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr, Chris Bowen and Tony Burke – all members of the NSW Right – and Anthony Albanese and Martin Ferguson – both of the Left – argued that Australia should vote yes or abstain.

It is believed about five other ministers shared that view.

Views from both sides were expressed firmly and at the end of the meeting Ms Gillard decided Australia would vote no.

However, yesterday, after taking soundings from backbenchers, she changed her mind and relented.

It is understood Deputy PM Wayne Swan advised Ms Gillard that she should back down.

Many key marginal seats in western Sydney are now home to large Muslim populations and sitting Labor members face demands from constituents to take a more neutral line on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Read the article here.

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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3 Responses to Australian PM forced to be neutral on Palestine vote

  1. Leaving the right and wrong of who or which side to vote for in this paper, remind me again how much money Australia spent in an effort to gain a seat, to sit on the UN board, only to abstain from the vote! Gosh almighty here is yet another example of wasted millions of dollars. We bought our way in to gain a temporary ? two year seat here and then wasted it all on abstaining! Thank you NOT Ms. Gillard for another example of Labor thowing away our money.

    • Couldn’t agree more!
      Admittedly it is only the first opportunity to vote, but my expectation is that Julia, who wanted to vote against Palestine, will always be on the side of the US and the globalists. That means – not in the people’s interest.
      From this point of view, humanitarians can be pleased that an ‘abstain’ was her final choice.
      From your point of view, indeed a waste of our money.
      Pathetic leadership of our country, IMHO.

  2. “The vote was 138 delegates in favor of the measure, nine against and 41 abstentions, including Germany.”
    Commonsense and justice prevailed.
    Thank goodness there is a majority who have a better understanding and ethic than Julia Gillard and the other Zionist supporters.

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