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G8 Becomes the G7 as Leaders Kick Russia Out

Originally posted on Trade News in Brief:
  The leaders of the remaining countries – Britain, the US, Germany, France, Italy, Canada and Japan, who are calling themselves the G7 – agreed to meet in Brussels this year and decided…

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Eminent New Honorary Members Join 9/11 Consensus Panel: Italian Judge Ferdinando Imposimato, French Director Mathieu Kassovitz, and Author James W. Douglass

Originally posted on COTO Report:
By The 9/11 Consensus Panel COTO Report Terror judge Ferdinando Imposimato joins 911 Consensus Panel NEW YORK, June 8, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Amidst growing doubts about its origins, the tragedy of September 11, 2001, continues…

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Attack of the Drones – and other Sott.net posts of Interest concerning World Domination

Just trying a couple of ways of increasing information accessibility. As seen in the previous two posts. I am finding however that there is just too much that I wish to point out to readers and am now trying another … Continue reading

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Washington is Conquering Africa using France, Human Rights, Terrorism, and the National Endowment for Democracy

This ‘nsnbc‘ post by Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya and Julien Teil, was published in October 2011, but appears still relevant. This blog has had enough issues to tackle without including the Africa situation, albeit of great importance in the world game … Continue reading

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Press TV correspondent killed for exposing truth

Originally posted on nsnbc:
Press TV correspondent killed for exposing truth Press TV colleagues of the late Maya Naser described how his only weapon was his microphone and his commitment to telling the truth about the violence ravaging his country.…

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West Attempts to Trigger Clash of Civilizations

This ‘Land Destroyer’ article adds to the convincing arguments that the “West”, France, Israel and others including the Saudi’s are complicit in the Middle East atrocities, as well as the deliberate inflaming of the anti-Islam feeling and the resulting rioting. … Continue reading

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Syria – Amid confusion from Russia and France activities – Sott posts:

Something strange appears to be going on in Syria, stranger than just the West fomenting trouble and blaming it in Assad. Sott.net seem to have some relevant information so I will point you in their direction: Eyewitness in Homs: Barbaric … Continue reading

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Another resignation over bad behavior over climate skepticism

 A short, simple post with a lot of significance. Slowly but surely, the ‘wheat is separated from the chaff’.  This resignation relates to objections to corruptions in the AGW camp, a question of honesty and conscience. Characteristics that are not endemic within their … Continue reading

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