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The Global Elite Are Very Clearly Telling Us That They Plan To Raid Our Bank Accounts

This article by Michael, “The Economic Collapse“, is spelling out what should by now be “bleeding obvious”. The financial crisis is fast approaching the cliff edge. Any country accepting austerity plans is doomed because all positive growth, or even a … Continue reading

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Who Defies Neutron Repulsion, the Driver of the Solar Chariot?

Originally posted on Omanuel's Blog:
Fourth Open Message to the Space Science & Technology Committee, US House of Representatives 17 July 2013 Synopsis The United States House of Representatives Committee on Space Science and Technology Washington, DC, USA  . Greetings,…

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The Pathology Behind The Climate Change Movement

Originally posted on Power To The People:
The Awesome Sun (E = hv) and (E = mc^2) Makes The Climate Change not co2 Author K. Manuel in his blog “Omanuel’s Blog” has a review of the scientific discoveries regarding the…

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AGW – On People who Live in Glass Houses (with corrections 29/3)

Over at WUWT, there is discussion about the attack on the honesty,  integrity and general competence of those of us who challenge the supposed AGW ‘settled science’ and its body of supporters, as thrust into the public arena by Stephan … Continue reading

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