Who Defies Neutron Repulsion, the Driver of the Solar Chariot?

Now THIS science and associated discourse I will accept and follow enthusiastically. The IPCC its components and followers can believe what they like and respond how they like, but if they wish to play “God” with the lives of the rest of us, they need to realize that not all the public are unaware of the truths.

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Fourth Open Message to the Space Science & Technology Committee,
US House of Representatives
17 July 2013
The United States House of Representatives
Committee on Space Science and Technology
Washington, DC, USA
RE: Open Message on the Corruption of Science;
The Destruction of Inalienable Rights of Citizens

The manuscript is finally completed and hereby transmitted to members of the Space Science & Technology Committee of the US House of Representatives for their consideration and action.



The conclusion is just this: Two seemingly minor falsehoods, promoted as scientific facts to save the world from possible nuclear annihilation in 1945:

  1. Neutrons attract neutrons
  2. H-fusion powers the Sun

Destroyed the integrity of science, education, research journals, the news media, and world leaders – and Creator-endowed rights to self-governance, as a virus living only in nerve cells might totally incapacitate an entire organism without leaving any visible outward sign…

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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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6 Responses to Who Defies Neutron Repulsion, the Driver of the Solar Chariot?

  1. omanuel says:

    Thank you for posting this information.

    The sad fact is just this and nothing less: World leaders face an absolutely impossible situation today after successfully hiding the source of energy that vaporized* Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945 and Nagasaki on 9 Aug 1945 – unaware that they were also hiding the source of energy that:

    a.) Powers the Sun
    b.) Made our elements
    c.) Expands the Universe
    d.) Birthed the Solar System 5 Gyr ago
    e.) Sustained the origin and evolution of life after 3.5 Gyr ago
    f.) Powered natural nuclear-chain reactions on Earth until 2 Gyr ago
    g.) Controls Earth’s climate and a volume of space greater than ten billion, billion Earths

    Having formed the United Nations and successfully hidden the most powerful source of energy for sixty-seven years (31 Mar 2013 – 24 Oct 1945 = 67.4 yrs), they helplessly face this reality:

    i.) Limited fossil fuels
    ii.) Increasing world population,
    iii.) Increasing demands for energy per person, and
    iv.) A corrupt federal “scientific-technological elite” that hid information on the world’s most important source of energy, . . . exactly as Eisenhower warned might happen in 1961:

    With deep regrets,
    – Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    *Standing in the ashes of Hiroshima in Aug 1945, the nuclear scientist that would later become my research mentor in 1960 [1] said:

    “The sight before my eyes was just like the end of the world, but I also felt that the beginning of the world may have been just like this.” [1] – page 2

    [1] P. K. Kuroda, The Origin of the Chemical Elements and the Oklo
    (Springer Publishing, 165 pages, Dec 1982): page 2.

  2. omanuel says:

    Scientifically there is no doubt our Sun is the iron-rich remnant of the supernova that made our elements and birthed the solar system: http://omanuel.wordpress.com/about/

    But the dilemma facing society today cannot be resolved by simply correcting that misconception.:

    1. Can we now find a way to restore:
    i.) Civilian rights to self governance
    ii) Integrity to government science, and

    2. Retain the benefits society has reaped from the forming the United Nations in 1945:
    a.) Reduced racism
    b.) Reduced nationalism,
    c.) Reduced risk of nuclear war, without

    3. Retaliation for sixty-seven years (1 Apr 2013 – 24 Oct 1945 = 67.4 yrs) of deception?

    That is the dilemma facing society today.

  3. omanuel says:

    Today it is difficult to distinguish incompetence in the US Department of Energy


    From competence in manipulating public opinion with scary stories like the above

    What a sad, sad day for science and society.

    – Oliver K. Manuel

    • It certainly provides cause to wonder if there is any limit to mankind’s folly(s).
      Priorities seem to be completely illogical – more importance is placed on sacrificing human lives (on both sides), for the sake of political and financial opportunities based on maintaining energy resources which will eventually deplete anyway, than on the safe and healthy survival of the species.

      It is ironic that single wall storage tanks have a non-designed ‘safety-valve’ in that their leakage parameter prevents build up of explosive gas pressure. 🙂
      Why does a double wall solve their leakage problem unless the outer wall is impervious?
      (Or does it simply delay the inevitable leakage?)
      If there is such a thing as an impervious wall, why not make the one wall of that material?
      If either type of vessel needs venting to limit pressure, how do they still contain the radioactivity?

      Basically mankind, its science, commonsense and behaviour, is out of control.
      Another irony – the “intelligence” we have evolved does not extend to the ability to avoid self-extinction.
      As you say, a very sad state of affairs.

      • omanuel says:


        You are much better than me at expressing yourself. Can you help communicate this brief conclusion to 50+ years of research to mankind ?

        Fear drove world leaders into forming the UN and misrepresenting the natural direction of the universe in 1945: Ordinary stars generate and discard H (hydrogen).

        1. The good life requires us to align ourselves with the natural direction of the cosmos
        2. The universe is expanding, fragmenting, and filling interstellar space with H and He
        3. Neutron repulsion and gravitational attraction alternately power our cyclic universe
        4. The Sun and other ordinary stars generate, accumulate and discard H and He as they evolve from pulsars into ordinary stars that emit visible light from H,He-rich photospheres.

        The wavelength of radiation increases and the energy of the radiation decreases as the star evolves: Gamma rays, x-rays, extreme UV, ultraviolet, visible (blue ->red), IR, etc.


        The evolution of life on Earth contains a record of the evolution of the Sun from a pulsar.

        – Oliver

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