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Marcott’s proxies – 10% fail their own criteria for inclusion

Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
Note: Steve McIntyre is also quite baffled by the Marcott et al paper, finding it currently unreproducible given the current information available. I’ve added some comments from him at the bottom of this…

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The Australian government Circus in Action on Media controls

“Stephen Conroy has finally got around to announcing his plans to punish the media – and he wants it passed in just one week! (This is what Conroy said about rushing media changes through parliament…in 2006). Here’s the media release … Continue reading

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Sunlight and Cardiovascular Relationships

Thanks to ‘Chiefio’,  A fascinating Ted Talk on UV and heart attacks, I find this video to be very relevant to me personally and I suggest also to the medical fraternity. Of course also to heart disease sufferers looking for best options … Continue reading

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