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Heart Disease And The Cholesterol Myth

Some cholesterol drugs may not lower heart attack risk, study says Continue reading

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Sunlight and Cardiovascular Relationships

Thanks to ‘Chiefio’,  A fascinating Ted Talk on UV and heart attacks, I find this video to be very relevant to me personally and I suggest also to the medical fraternity. Of course also to heart disease sufferers looking for best options … Continue reading

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Is my heart disease cured?

Originally posted on Rehabilitate Your Heart:
Many patients come through their heart procedures and feel they are cured. Unfortunately for most, heart disease is a chronic progressive disorder of the arteries in which deposits of cholesterol, calcium, and abnormal cells…

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FLASHBACK – New Bombshell of Disastrous Side Effects from Statins…

This article, although here for the first time,  was published in June 2010 so adding the word ‘Flashback’ seemed appropriate. A post by Dr Mercola ( Mercola.com ) firmly advocating caution regarding statin drugs. Doctors are being warned to think … Continue reading

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More on Cholesterol and Cardio-vascular problems

Obesity, Cholesterol and Death Rates by Zoë Harcombe Look at the charts in this article that I generated from World Health Organization data and you wonder how on earth we ever got away with telling people that cholesterol causes heart … Continue reading

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Doubt Cast on the ‘Good’ in ‘Good Cholesterol’

This Sott.net information is reproduced here as a page in ‘Cardiac Health’ The name alone sounds so encouraging: HDL, the “good cholesterol.” The more of it in your blood, the lower your risk of heart disease. So bringing up HDL … Continue reading

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World Renown Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

What an upside down world we live in. The message for years has been that a low-fat diet is good for the prevention of heart disease, come to find out, that was wrong advice. It was advice that benefits the … Continue reading

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Iron supplements may cause more harm than good

Back to health issues. This ‘Natural News‘ post is interesting because it is the first time that I can recall where iron supplements are questioned. Elizabeth Walling’s article is recommended and is reproduced here. (NaturalNews) For the last several decades, … Continue reading

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Cancer – Some important information (Revised)

This information has been emailed to me and is assumed to be authentic.  Author UPDATE: Having received information from an associate blogger that the Johns Hopkins connection to this original article has been refuted, this revision deletes the original claim.  … Continue reading

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