More on Cholesterol and Cardio-vascular problems

Obesity, Cholesterol and Death Rates
by Zoë Harcombe
Look at the charts in this article that I generated from World Health Organization data and you wonder how on earth we ever got away with telling people that cholesterol causes heart disease.
High cholesterol is associated with lowerheart disease and vice versa – for all the data available in the world. High cholesterol is not even associated with high heart disease, let alone does it cause it.There is in fact a significant association between higher cholesterol levels and lower deaths and lower cholesterol levels and higher deaths for men and an even more significant relationship for women.The doctors’ Hippocratic oath is “First do no harm”. Surely we are doing real harm by lowering cholesterol levels? Not just to minds and muscles and quality of life of humans, but to the length of the life of those humans on statins.

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Obesity, Cholesterol and Death Rates – part 1 of 3

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Obesity, Cholesterol and Death Rates – part 2 of 3

Read part 3 of the Obesity, Cholesterol and Death Rates article here:

Obesity, Cholesterol and Death Rates – part 3 of 3

Just as an aside, the following is from an article supporting the use of statins but making an important observation. It mentions inflammation, a condition not related to cholesterol. “Additionally, include more colorful fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, legumes, and oily fish in your diet. These foods contain natural antioxidants and phytochemicals, and are thought to have an anti-inflammatory effect that may decreases both cardiovascular disease and other chronic disease risks.” Ref: “High Cholesterol: Can You Avoid Statins?

This post is one of many concerning this subject, some of which will be found in this blog, others per links mentioned here-in. There is much to think about and be assessed. There is much room for open-mindedness.

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8 Responses to More on Cholesterol and Cardio-vascular problems

  1. Good to see ZOE H getting passed around, she is an excellent presenter and knows her stuff.
    On a similar note, your readerts might have seen a recent article praising the JUPITER study (flawed), which claims to show that statins are the next best thing to eternal life (sarc). The JUPITER study is seriosuly flawed, was paid for by the pharmaceutical giants and has, as a promoter Dr. Paul Ridker, who just happens to hold the patient on the HsCRP tests which he claims can detect inflammation — and your need to be a statins to save your life!!!! Give me a break… as in all things people follow the dollar and ask questions.
    Cheer’s one and all Clare in Tassie

    Some YouTubes featuring Zoe ….…0.0…1ac.VBv0HbyDIAA

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  3. Alex says:

    Thanks for an interesting article, if you’re interested, here’s another article on this topic

    • ALEX the link you posted has no sources showing who wrote the articles. It is full of industry hype. There is NO SUCH THING as bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is just that CHOLESTEROL. I would be much happier if you you had shown who wrote this and what ties they have to which particular industries per se. Zoe Harcombe is by far the more credible author. Please feel free to give me more links to read that discuss the subject it is one close to my heart – pun intended. Cheer’ from Clare in Tassie

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    • There seems to be a little more to blood cholesterol levels than some of this discusses, cholesterol intake isn’t necessarily a direct factor. Check out other posts to get the full story. Yet this is basically good diet information.

  5. Sofia says:

    Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too.
    This sort of clever work and coverage! Keep up the fantastic
    works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

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