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The Benefits of High Cholesterol

Medical science is also “not settled”. This article is considered to have merit and worthy of consideration by all public and medical experts. In the case of a person already having experienced a cardiovascular blockage, high cholesterol levels have been … Continue reading

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A Simple DIY Therapy that Could Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

This article from ‘Conscious Life News’ by  Paul Fassa, opens up my mind even further, about the mainstream medical approach to cardio vascular diseases being seriously unbalanced towards helping the drug companies get rich, without giving due attention to other … Continue reading

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Sunlight and Cardiovascular Relationships

Thanks to ‘Chiefio’,  A fascinating Ted Talk on UV and heart attacks, I find this video to be very relevant to me personally and I suggest also to the medical fraternity. Of course also to heart disease sufferers looking for best options … Continue reading

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Cholesterol Management

Here we present a comprehensive article, quite technical but it might be of interest to a few.  Reference ‘Life Extension’,  lef.org . Nutritional Approaches to Managing Blood Lipids and Lipoproteins Nutritional approaches to blood lipid and lipoprotein management mirror many of … Continue reading

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Fluoride Linked to the Number One Cause of Death in New Research

As posted on TIP, an article by Anthony Gucciardi, ‘NaturalSociety‘, discusses new additional evidence of the toxicity of fluoride compounds often added to domestic water supplies. Supposedly added for dental health reasons, the study links sodium fluoride to cardiovascular disease, … Continue reading

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