Where Russia Stands and What it Stands For.

Thanks to ‘Zero Hedge’ for this article.

Regardless of what views of Putin are impressed on us by the Western leaders and their compliant medias, Putin has an accurate and common-sense understanding of the real world and the dire consequences that the US and its associated fellow-world control aspirants have created and continue to force onto the rest of the world.

The whole (print friendly version) article is reproduced, hopefully not offending the author/publishers.

About Ken McMurtrie

Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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35 Responses to Where Russia Stands and What it Stands For.

  1. omanuel says:

    What does Russia or the USSR stand for now?

    That question plagued my career, especially after I discovered in the 1970s that my government promoted misinformation as consensus science about nuclear and solar physics.

    In 1980 I was invited to Moscow to present the plenary lecture on the origin of the solar system and its elements. The oppressiveness of the USSR government frightened me.

    Today I am convinced that leaders of the USSR, China, the USA, France and the UK agreed to form the United Nations in OCT 1945 and take totalitarian control of the globe in order save the world from nuclear annihilation by forbidding public knowledge of the energy in cores of:

    1. Heavy atoms like Uranium
    2. Some planets like Jupiter
    3. Ordinary stars like the Sun
    4. Galaxies like the Milky Way
    5. Our expanding Universe

    I would appreciate your comment on E.M. Smith’s suggestion that it was perhaps okay to deceive the public to save the world from annihilation:


    • Hi Oliver,
      You refer to “@E. M. Smith: That is an intriguing justification for government deceit: “So; much as I don’t like the US Govt lying to folks and spying on folks; the reality is that, IMHO, they have managed to prevent a nuclear war or nuclear use for over 1/2 Century that otherwise ought to have happened. That is no small accomplishment. Think about the level of technology in 1944. Now move forward 70 years to 2014.””
      This is a tangled web that we try to analyze.
      Preventing a nuclear war is certainly worth some degree of sacrifice, but certainly not a complete, or even more than a minimal loss of personal or social freedom.
      Neither a significant advance in technological aids, entertainment nor production which in fact increases unemployment, is balanced by a wholesale slaughter of large portions of the human race.
      In the end, whatever that might be, a nuclear war is still on the agenda, it seems.
      So where have we come?
      At what cost?
      Putin suggests an end to the deceit and what he apparently refers to as “playing games”, I can think of no solution Either Putin’s solution is adopted, or he gives in to the psychopaths, or world war III is likely, heaven forbid, which would be a perennial historical indictment on our sick civilization.
      Imagine the amazement of future generations when they look back at this period of human evolution where, as I said, wholesale slaughter of our own species is considered to be acceptable, civilized behaviour.
      It is almost, remotely possible to imagine the “Planet of the Apes” scenario becoming an example of reality, if one considers how close we are to annihilating any chance of a peaceful and healthy future.
      As always, thanks for your comment.

      • omanuel says:

        I trust Putin no more, and no less, than Obama.

        Unfortunately I have the same opinion of Democrats and Republicans. I recommended to GOP supporters that . . .

        When the GOP has control, it should send a message to heads of ALL US FEDERAL AGENCIES:

        “Please attach to your next budget request a list of names and salaries of all federal employees in your agency that contributed in any way to the UN’s IPCC (International Promoter’s of Climate Confusion).

        Any other budget request will not be considered for renewed funding.”

        Here’s a list of those who contributed to the latest UN IPCC report:


  2. joekano76 says:

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

  3. ggita32 says:

    Did we really prevent nuclear war or the use of nuclear weapons?? Was Japan a real threat or just propaganda…as Iran is today. The US annihilated millions of lives in Japan and would do the same in Iran if the right situation presented itself and the nuclear threat continues to this day.

    It is the old saying that the human race is still tripping over … fight a war to end all wars. Doesn’t really work that way does it. I say we are on the wrong track thinking that weapons of mass destruction and wars will bring peace. I say that they only bring about lies and more lies death and more death, and destruction and more destruction.

    • omanuel says:

      I cannot predict what the Sun’s pulsar core will do, but if Steven Goddard aka Tony Heller is right, government deception may now bring an end to humanity.


    • Thanks Thomas.
      I guess I worded that bit somewhat awkwardly and should address it.
      Saying WW III was a solution was clumsy. As you say, it would not solve anything, but mean continuing destruction. Certainly not peace.
      Trying to say, only two ways to go from here, the psychopaths way or Putin’s.
      Thanks again,

    • Thanks Thomas.
      I guess I worded that bit somewhat awkwardly and should address it.
      Saying WW III was a solution was clumsy. As you say, it would not solve anything, but mean continuing destruction. Certainly not peace.
      Trying to say, only two ways to go from here, the psychopaths way or Putin’s.
      Thanks again,

      • omanuel says:

        Only two ways to go from here?

        “Trying to say, only two ways to go from here, the psycho-paths way or Putin’s.”

        There is a third way: The path of total surrender to Reality, Truth or God and acceptance that the Creator endowed us with inalienable rights to self-governance.

        The 3rd path is consistent with science and religions, but it is inconsistent with submission to the rule of any and all tyrants – communist or capitalist tyrants.

      • I cannot disagree with your third way, an absolutely ideal solution.
        But there s nothing in sight to instigate such a change.
        A LOT of individuals would agree and participate, but how to counter the governmental power?
        I have trouble believing in the return of the “Christ” but that would be the way. (If he wasn’t rapidly assassinated by ungodly.)
        This time he would need to be truly impervious to man’s attempts to thwart him and be capable of convincing the Muslim’s (all religions), to join in with the rest of the world.
        And then, how to deal with the ungodly? Strike them down where they stand? Justice that might be , but not the Christian way!
        A very interesting train of thought.
        Thanks, Oliver.

      • omanuel says:

        Humanity lost WWII, Ken, and rigorous honesty is the only path to recover:

        Click to access Humanity_Lost_WWII.pdf

      • And I thought I was being too idealistic 🙂
        “rigorous honesty” – wouldn’it be luverly! 🙂

        Much respect and regards, Ken.

      • omanuel says:

        “I have trouble believing in the return of the “Christ” but that would be the way. (If he wasn’t rapidly assassinated by ungodly.)”

        I am not particularly religious but I believe all religions teach the same basic truth that is also revealed by the best available data and observations:

        A benevolent Higher Power is the Creator and Sustainer of every atom life and world.

        That benevolent Higher Power controls the solar system from the core of the Sun, and all other planetary systems from the cores of the stars they orbit.

      • omanuel says:

        Ken, I was an angry arrogant atheist for the first 60 years of life.

        Thanks to the 12 Step Program, I have a concept of God, Reality or Truth of the Creator and Sustainer of Life consistent with religions and with the best data and observations available from the Nuclear and Space Ages:

        “Solar energy,” Advances in Astronomy(submitted 1 Sept 2014) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10640850/Solar_Energy.pdf

      • Oliver, In all my thinking years, probably starting in my teens, therefore about 60, I have struggled to make sense of the spiritual side of life and the universe.
        Athiest for a while, agnostic for most of the time, concluding these days that there must be a spiritual component of the universe, probably a large one.
        To what extent the external spiritual influence affects humans, individually or collectively, seems to be impossible to fathom. It is easy to conclude that other than influencing our evolution to whatever degree, we are left to sort ourselves out.
        Fair to say that we have gone far astray from any intelligent, reasonablly civilized outcome. Unarguably a course of self-destruction, seemingly beyond the point of no return. I was going to say bordering on, but more accurately, reaching a collective state of insanity.
        An insanity ranging from loss of comprehension, inability to perceive reality, willing aquiescence to subservience, existing at the level of the general public; to outright psychopathic loss of judgment of right from wrong, whereby genocide, political assassinations, wholesale slaughter of opponents, civilians and own countrymen are deliberate and acceptable acts, at the leadership level.
        What other conclusion can be logically reached?
        Of all the recent politicians in Australia, only one has openly concluded that the global warming movement is a political agenda not supported by science. Not one is acknowledging sound scientific challenges to the “safety” of RF radiation. Not one is responsive to what is clear to thinking persons, that the “War on(of) Terror”, in its various forms, is a fiction and deliberately contrived to achieve domination over non-compliant countries. All compliant, bowing and scraping to the Western hegemony leadership.

        Regarding religions – what a shambles, exhibiting an almost complete disconnection from any God they profess to worship. The fact that there are different religions is meaningful proof of this disconect. Unless there are in fact a number of GODS!
        I suggest, proof that religious doctrine is man made, even if somehow based on a spiritual guidance.
        If the “meek” are ever going to inherit the earth, it will be a monumental shift from our present course, a MIRACLE, no less.
        Once again Oliver, I am very grateful for your contributions and support.
        Best Regards, Ken.

      • omanuel says:

        “But there’s nothing in sight to instigate such a change.”

        You are right! The Creator, Destroyer and Sustainer of every atom, life, and world in the solar system has remained “out-of-sight and in complete control” throughout recorded history.

        That is why people like me had so much trouble believing there was a God!

  4. ggita32 says:

    Does this Sound familiar:

    • Propaganda and exploitation, the universal method of warmongering.
      History repeating itself. This time from America.
      Is that the message?

      • ggita32 says:

        Yes Ken
        To suggest that it is okay to deceive the public to save the world from annihilation Is wrong. I can’t buy into those statements. Nuclear weapons have just been recently used I Iraq, Gaza strip, possible Pakistan and Afghanistan. The deception and the bombs continue. A more honest answer to why nations deceive the public is in order. It certainly is not preventing annihilation nor war.

  5. ggita32 says:

    We can be pretty sure what the USA and it’s western puppets nations stand for. UNENDING WAR, THE USE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS….(depleted uranium bombs). So far the US has been the only one that has come close to instigating the end of the human race by the use of nuclear weapons.

    • We only differ in interpretation of the US part in the NWO plan. I consider they are the hit men for the group, not the puppeteer, but themselves puppets.
      Pretty important, I agree, also supplying funding, equipment and cannon fodder.
      Also not less importantly, the media propaganda machine.
      Also I suppose, the gullible public who provide support and taxes to the leadership.
      Yet, not the instigators.
      Sad, is it not?

      • omanuel says:

        Science, Religion and Democracy:

        The Father of quantum physics – Max Planck – and the Father of our nation – Thomas Jefferson – had it right:

        Behind the Force of Life that created and sustains every atom, life and world in the solar system is a conscious and intelligent Mind that endowed humans with inalienable rights of free will and self governance:


        Evil (arrogance, pride, jealousy, etc.) exists in the world because of the free will of each person.

        Evil created the

        1. New World Order to take totalitarian control of humanity, and

        2. Illusion of free will to choose:
        _ a. Labor or Conservative
        _ b. Republicans or Democrats
        _ c. Communists or Capitalists
        _ c. Putin or Obama, while

        The New World Order promotes the UN as an agency of humanity while it tightens its grip of totalitarian control of the entire world.

        The recent election, the Climategate scandal, the Libertarian movement, the Tea Party and the pro-gun lobby are awakenings to this sad reality.

      • ggita32 says:

        I stand corrected, you state right that the US is only another puppet of the plan.

      • I should be more careful with my wording. I should have made my opinion clear, rather than having it taken as a “correction”.
        I have no status or right to “correct” you, Thomas.
        Regards, my friend! 🙂

  6. On the subject of Russia and in connection to Australia:
    Our valiant Australian Prime Minister is about to tell Putin that he needs to be honest and co-operative in the MH17 investigation.
    Given that everybody else except Tony Abbott seems to be aware that Russia had no part in the incident, except they were to be the scapegoat. A plan that misfired.
    “Puny” versus Putin 🙂

  7. omanuel says:

    This summary of the UN’s Agenda 21 explains how the New World Order is taking totalitarian control of mankind:


  8. omanuel says:

    I vote NONE OF THE ABOVE as long as the leaders of Russia and the United States work together behind the scenes to try to hide the HIGHER POWER:

    Click to access The_FORCE.pdf

    • ggita32 says:

      Higher Power….The Life Force????? why care ?????
      I vote for love and kindness, the most powerful force. Something that all humans have a choice to understand fully….a choice one should not resist but to choose to have in ones life. Nothing else really matters, atoms, neutrons, or any so called cosmic creator we can dream up. Putin’s statements are positive and at least something anyone can understand.

      • omanuel says:


        I voted for Obama the first time he ran for office because he also made positive statements.

        But now I know he is a tyrant that plays God like the others (Stalin, Putin, et al) who denied the existence of a Higher Power after WWII.

        Click to access Solar_Energy.pdf

        As noted above, we do not yet understand the force that holds individual atoms together, but we have a better understanding of the force that breathed life into the universe.

      • Ok Oliver, but we do understand right from wrong. By “we” I mean you and I, the other commenters and any one else with a smidgin of intelligence and humanity in their make-up.
        We can understand evil and we can identify those who are evil and who psychopathically destroy other people and communities.
        Actions speak much louder than words and violent actions are thunderous and reveal the lies and hypocrisies of the ungodly.
        Putin’s actions and words are distinctly humanitarian, especially when compared to Obama’s relative garbage and murders.
        Whatever Putin might be capable of is unknown, but what he is presenting at the moment is commonsense and right.
        I am comfortable in judging him on that basis, just as I judge Obama on his actions over the recent past years,

  9. ajfloyd says:

    Interesting comments………

  10. ggita32 says:

    Why do you line up denial of the existence of a higher power to tyrants and evil doers…Is it so wrong to denied the existence of a higher power (WTF, is there a choice on this or has that choice been taken away as well??? Or are we doomed forever if we have not made a choice) and I don’t think that it really matters to the higher power anyway who or what ever it is. I have yet to meet one who has the proof. No proof has been brought to light for all of these years of recorded history. Could it be man is beating his head in a wall that can not be knocked over about the existence of a god or a higher intellect. There might not be. Humans get hung up on having to know everything about life. There are some things we think we figure out and others will be a mystery.

    Combining Stalin, Obama, Putin and other world leaders in a discussing that includes a search for a higher power, solar power, atoms and neutron repulsion can be a disaster. Neither has much in common. There are very few who understand the nuclear physics. Certainly not world leaders now and from the past.

    It seems that the discussion of anything positive about Putin sets some folk off. The above article was basically an op-ed about Russia. The comments opened up a discussion on Russia and America that included Obama and Putin. The article and the comments should in no way be interpreted that anyone has sold their soul to either Russia, America, Obama or Putin or any other world leader…………… or does it????

    I will leave this alone for now. I have a problem with the statements made that we should accept that scientist, world leaders and governments deceive the public and that it should be accepted and further more that it was done for world survival.

    God and or a higher power is another subject.

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