This is what one well-known truth activist in America thinks about the ramifications of the TPP on America.

Without doing a lot of homework, I would hazard a guess that Australia would not be a great deal differently affected.

This post is offered to thought-provoke Australians into the area of questioning what our government is intending, or allowing, ?encouraging, for our country.

{As an aside, to provoke even greater criticism (probably), but hopefully greater depth of thought – whatever his intent, the action by our PM in committing Australia to carbon emission cuts which we cannot afford and do not need, requires scientific analysis.

To facilitate the eventual phasing out of fossil fuel energy generation is indeed essential for our planet, but ruining our economy is not justified. Other plans are needed.}

From , on “Natural News”, this article:

ECONOMIC SLAVERY FOR ALL: While we were distracted with the Confederate flag flap, Congress quietly forfeited our entire economic future via fast-track trade authority

(NaturalNews) While America was distracted by a contrived, pre-planned Confederate flag distraction, the U.S. Congress forfeited the entire economic future of the country by quietly passing so-called “fast-track authority” which will allow President Obama to approve the TPP “free trade” agreement.

The TPP, as you may have heard, outright surrenders U.S. sovereignty to multinational corporations, handing them total global monopolies over labor practices, immigration, Big Pharma drug pricing, GMO food labeling, criminalization of garden seeds and much more. In all, the TPP hands over control of 80% of the U.S. economy to global monopolists, and the TPP is set up to enable those corporations to engage in virtually unlimited toxic chemical pollution, medical monopolization, the gutting of labor safety laws and much more.

Plus, did I mention the TPP will displace millions of American works as corporations outsource jobs to foreign workers? While corporations rake in the profits from new global powers, everyday American workers will lose their livelihoods and their jobs (not to mention their pensions).

Political sleight of hand: It was SOOOO easy to distract the American people with a flag flap!

Essentially, America just got sold out by people like Marco Rubio. And it was incredibly easy to pull off, too. First, America was distracted by a contrived, pre-planned mass hysteria / outrage event now known as the Confederate flag flap. Hilariously, this literal false flag controversy doesn’t even involve the actual Confederate flag. It involves a battle flag that people mistakenly think is the Confederate flag. (But who needs historical accuracy when there’s hysteria to spread?)

While was frantically deleting Confederate flag products from its website and everybody was going bat-crap insane over the 1970’s comedy TV series Dukes of Hazzard and its use of the so-called Confederate flag on a hot rod car, Republicans and the President were busy committing outright treason at the highest levels: surrendering American sovereignty and economically enslaving all of America’s future children.

And that’s the tragic irony of all this: While the political left falsely believed it was denouncing slavery by pressuring every online retailer and government entity to ban the Confederate flag, the U.S. Congress was busy enacting a whole new level of total economic enslavement for everyone, regardless of their skin color.

While ignorant “activists” ran around in mass hysteria, thinking they were banishing a symbol of enslavement to the history books, they were actually providing the necessary public distraction for quiet passage of the TPP’s fast-track authority.

In other words, they played right into the hands of the real slave masters: the globalist, monopolist corporations and their fascist government puppets who betray the People at every opportunity.

Believe me: These corporations don’t care about the skin color of their slave workers. They gladly enslave everyone, including you and me, if we’re stupid enough to allow our own elected representatives to forfeit America’s future (which they just did).

Screw the Confederate flag issue, folks: All Americans are now the “property” of multinational monopolist corporations that have turned national governments against their own people. The Confederate flag flap was merely a useful distraction to trick the population using political sleight of hand to fool everyone about the real agenda being pursued in Washington.America is now officially a nation of slave workers beholden to multinational corporate interests. How does your silly flag outrage feel now?


See the complete article, with videos, here.

Meanwhile, back in Australia, what similarities do we see?

Here are two opinions –

TPP secretly trading away your rights – Consumer rights and ……/tpp-secretly-trading-away-your-rights

Mar 2, 2015 – In this report, we investigate the TPP and the impact it will have on your … “The Trans-Pacific Partnership undermines Australian efforts to take …

The TPP has the potential for real harm – The Drum … – ABC

Mar 15, 2015 – The Trans-Pacific Partnership expected to be signed in the coming … And this could cost Australians dearly if our negotiators fail to protect our rights. … Ian, no mention of the implications to the environment in your piece.


Attempting to ascertain where we currently stand as to “signing up”, it appears an agreement has been reached but not ready for final signing until some time in the future. (Ref


As for distractions – besides the Paris “climate change” meeting, we could include the Paris “terrorist” incident, which for some strange reason is seen as a reason for extra government concern and action, action more likely to promote disharmony in Australia than to create a peaceful outcome. (

There appears much to be learned and think about.


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Retired Electronics Engineer, most recently installing and maintaining medical X-Ray equipment. A mature age "student" of Life and Nature, an advocate of Truth, Justice and Humanity, promoting awareness of the injustices in the world.
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