Corrupted Australian Surface Temperature Records

Just to keep the Australian scene available to the public.
A bit technical but it provides a contrast to the warmist propaganda!

Watts Up With That?

Older records may be fragile but was diligence any betterin recent decades?

Guest essay by Bob Fernley Jones

acorn-sat overview


Out of over 20,000 Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) weather stations on record [1], 112 have had their data “corrected” under a process known as homogenisation, (the acronym for it in full is ACORN-SAT). Oddly though, eight of these high quality sites, are admitted to, quote:

“…have some urban influence during part or all of their record, hence are excluded from the annual temperature analyses”.[2]

Thus only the resultant 104 ACORN site records are used to establish temperature trends and it is these that are partly reviewed herewith. Some ACORN stations are known under a single site name but are actually several different locations combined, (typically moving from in-town to the airport), and their homogenisation is partly achieved by including data trends from surrounding stations of lesser status…

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