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Wall Street vultures drive up food prices while billions starve

I don’t pretend to understand the financial fine points here but when I read derivatives, that is enough to understand that profits are being made from fictional assets. When I read “betting on prices”, I understand gambling and controlling prices. … Continue reading

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On war lovers in a pathological society and manufacturing the American legacy

Here is a clear understanding of the warmongers’ at work. An apt opinion (IMHO), expressed in the article, attributed to a reader: “The USA is a full-blown pathological society now.” Posted at Sott.net, an article by William Blum, The Anti-Empire … Continue reading

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Approaching the existential cliff: 17 denial statements made by the sleeping masses

A very interesting post for the public to consider. It is an opinion piece but based on cold hard facts. It is easy to understand the conclusions and difficult to see an alternative way of assessing the current state of … Continue reading

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Butter is Better ?

This topic needs to be thoroughly aired and seriously studied. So much vested interest influences information from all sides. Certainly, a great deal of the criticisms levelled at the synthetic margarine product(s) are convincing and health risks are real. With … Continue reading

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