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More CLN posts of Vital Interest

Much of value here.  This is the easiest way to keep this blog up to date with important issues. There are far too many to treat these issues individually. Thanks ‘Conscious Life News‘. What’s the Pentagon Hiding at a Georgia … Continue reading

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On war lovers in a pathological society and manufacturing the American legacy

Here is a clear understanding of the warmongers’ at work. An apt opinion (IMHO), expressed in the article, attributed to a reader: “The USA is a full-blown pathological society now.” Posted at Sott.net, an article by William Blum, The Anti-Empire … Continue reading

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Wanting It All: America’s War for Global Domination

From Sott.net, Author: Michel Chossudovsky Centre for Research on Globalization. Although a speech broadcast in 2003, it already reveals the plan to take over Syria. It also reveals the other villains working behind and with the US, so it is … Continue reading

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Russian Foreign Minister Accuses U.S. Of Meddling In Vote

Sott.net post reveals continuing US interference in Russia, just as it does all over the world! Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Russia has accused the United States of trying to influence its election process by funding opposition groups. Foreign Minister … Continue reading

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Peak Oil, or continuous supply?

Rense.com posts this article by Jerry Mazza, (Online Journal Contributing Writer), titled “Oil Is NOT A Fossil Fuel – It Is Abiotic” abiotic – definition per “Dictionary.com” – adjective  ‘of or characterized by the absence of life or living organisms.’ … Continue reading

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A Cruel World, well not the World actually, But Some People!

I just came across this COTO post by accident, not looking for anything in particular. It cries out for exposure. Bold emphasis in the following extract is mine. Happy Savages, By Robert C. Koehler “Thirty seconds to zero . . . … Continue reading

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