Proof positive that the University of Western Australia is an intolerant organization

Some insight into the Australian University scene.
Not all, but too many universities, are following this unjustified, unscientific path because of political and financial pressure or influence.
“Consensus Centre”, can you believe this?
Is it possible to move further away from proud academic standards and falsifiable scientific methods?
The future is indeed of concern to all, if your children are launched into their future lives via such miscarriages of scientific justice.

What does this say about our government, which fails to support our country built on honesty, pride and hard work, and allows itself to be subjected to outside political agendas based on pseudo-science. Worse still, is prepared to buy co-operation from educational institutions who themselves are prepared to sell their integrity.

Watts Up With That?

University-Western-Australia-Logo(via Bishop Hill) Remember this just a couple of weeks ago?

Aussie Government gives $4 million to Bjørn Lomborg, to set up a “Consensus Centre” at Lewandowsky’s old university

The Australian media reports:

The University of Western Australia has cancelled the contract for a policy centre that was to be headed up by controversial academic Bjorn Lomborg after a “passionate emotional reaction” to the plan.

The Federal Government had pledged to contribute $4 million to the Consensus Centre, a think tank that was to use methods similar to those used by Dr Lomberg’s Copenhagen Centre.

If you are an academic, dissent on climate change or climate change policy will lead to a loss of your livelihood.

You have been warned.

From the UWA web page:

The University of Western Australia is committed to providing an environment of integrity and respect for all staff, students and community members.


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