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Korea – Putting the Situation into Perspective

From ‘nsnbc’ this article “Brief History, US Sabotage of Korean Peace and Reunification“, by Dr. S. Brian Willson, who says “This is virtually unknown history in the West, and today’s issues relating to Korea cannot be understood without knowing this … Continue reading

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Australia – Big Brother looms nearer.

Something very worrying about this. We, Australia has no need to be concerned about terrorism except that self-generated by driving the public to extremes by removing freedoms. The motivation for extreme surveillance can only be associated with intentions to restrict … Continue reading

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Wanting It All: America’s War for Global Domination

From Sott.net, Author: Michel Chossudovsky Centre for Research on Globalization. Although a speech broadcast in 2003, it already reveals the plan to take over Syria. It also reveals the other villains working behind and with the US, so it is … Continue reading

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