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Climate Commission’s latest report slammed as ‘environmental activism’

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
The Climate Commissioners on their days off… Tell us something we don’t already know. The Climate Commission has got nothing whatsoever to do with impartial, free-thinking scientific enquiry. It’s sole purpose is to regurgitate…

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Peak Oil, or continuous supply?

Rense.com posts this article by Jerry Mazza, (Online Journal Contributing Writer), titled “Oil Is NOT A Fossil Fuel – It Is Abiotic” abiotic – definition per “Dictionary.com” – adjective  ‘of or characterized by the absence of life or living organisms.’ … Continue reading

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A One World Government and Global Depopulation

The full title of Intel Hub’s post by Alexander Higgens, is : Big Oil’s Long Term Energy Plan? A One World Government and Global Depopulation For those looking for proof of the global elite pushing plans for global depopulation and a … Continue reading

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Questioning the “Science” that the AGW promoters promote.

It seems that the defence of the AGW scientists and supporters, against criticisms of AGW boils down (there must be a better term), to their belief in “science’”. They keep repeating ad nauseum “we believe in the science”, the “CSIRO cannot be … Continue reading

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On the gargantuan lie of climate change science

Another view, contrary to mainstream, supplementing this post’s claimed evidence of unsupportable AGW theory and conclusions. Sometimes I tuck such posts away in the published ‘related links’, sometimes in my draft posts for reference. This one seems to deserve airing. … Continue reading

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CARBON CONTROL – What is really going on?

There are conflicting activities within Australia which need to be addressed if there is any sense to be made of the Government’s  Carbon Tax! Julia Gillard, a leader only by making deals with the Greens, started out with a clear … Continue reading

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