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Australia’s Involvement in Lies about the Flight MH7 Tragedy

This was the incident about which Julie Bishop and Tony Abbott, in their subservience to the UN and US,  made complete fools of themselves and embarrassed the Australian public.  An extract: betrays the Australian government’s motives as not being achieving … Continue reading

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Australia wants to improve its Military Contribution in Iraq

From ‘nsnbc‘, some opinions with which I agree. The Australian government is completely out of touch with reality, well Tony Abbott is anyway. I am still trying to assess who is running our country – Tony, the government or the … Continue reading

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Now Hear This! – “Australian government exploits Paris attacks”

How much lateral thinking does it take to consider this as a questionable reaction to an overseas “terrorist” activity, especially one that is being seriously questioned as a political ploy. So many pointers to political agendas that align with the … Continue reading

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Broken promises: ABC under attack (Australia)

Remember when, on election eve, Prime Minister Tony Abbott told Australia there’d be no cuts to the ABC or SBS? Or how he declared his a: “no surprises, no excuses” government; assuring us there’d be “no broken promises”? From ‘GetUp … Continue reading

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Moronic: Greens MP links NSW bush fires to climate policy

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
Greens see images like this as an opportunity to make cheap political points Adam Bandt is a typical Greenie, and because he, like all the rest of them, is on an ideological crusade and…

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Australian Carbon Tax – A crime against the people

The Carbon Tax is surely a clearly definable crime against the Australian people, introduced without public support, without scientific validity, without any meaningful reduction of global pollution and in blatant contradiction of a published verbal promise by the now-Australian PM. … Continue reading

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CARBON CONTROL – What is really going on?

There are conflicting activities within Australia which need to be addressed if there is any sense to be made of the Government’s  Carbon Tax! Julia Gillard, a leader only by making deals with the Greens, started out with a clear … Continue reading

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Malcolm Turnbull, CO2 emissions trading, Britain and MOTIVATIONS.

I refer to a Citizens Electoral Commission (Aust)  (http://www.cecaust.com.au) post  that gets seriously stuck into Malcolm Turnbull and related issues. (Thanks JustMeInT for referral). This is the full article. I endorse all of it as factual information, but have some reservation regarding … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax – Where is the logic?

After seeing some of the recent TV propaganda show Q&A, where the questions were all approved beforehand, if not actually written by the ‘carbon tax’ team, I am in a very critical frame of mind. This, together with an ‘on-side’ … Continue reading

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Carbon Tax – “Selling out the Australian citizens!

We will have plenty of time to rue this planned increased taxation on the Australian people. It will be a miracle if any of the population escape higher costs, even if compensated, because the mechanism for compensation cannot be accurate, … Continue reading

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