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The Pope’s Encyclical Exposes Real Agenda Behind Global Warming

This article has so many important messages that need publicizing. Perhaps this is best highlighted by the following extracts: “The latest Encyclical by Pope Francis is a revolutionary document in which it appears Pope Francis decided that overpopulation is a … Continue reading

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El Niño or ñot, the Pause lengthens again

This significant to technical-minded people. Apparently meaningless to the ‘warmist alarmists’ who live in a dream world. We were meant to be concerned about CO2 increases causing “global warming” effects that would be catastrophic to our way of life. “Global … Continue reading

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Now Hear This! – “Australian government exploits Paris attacks”

How much lateral thinking does it take to consider this as a questionable reaction to an overseas “terrorist” activity, especially one that is being seriously questioned as a political ploy. So many pointers to political agendas that align with the … Continue reading

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