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Moronic: Greens MP links NSW bush fires to climate policy

Originally posted on Australian Climate Madness:
Greens see images like this as an opportunity to make cheap political points Adam Bandt is a typical Greenie, and because he, like all the rest of them, is on an ideological crusade and…

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Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and their company Ingeus Ltd. The Obeids of the federal government.

Thanks, Crystal. Selling off the organization for reasons of ‘conflict of interest’ and continuing to control the business seems to be a conflict of interpretations to me.

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Australia’s economy not so rosy!

Although this is reported in a major newspaper, the masses will still be unaware of the fragility of the Australian economy. They still seem prepared to accept politician’s rhetoric as gospel. Strange, after all the experience of politicians demonstrating their … Continue reading

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AGW – Carbon Tax claimed to be destroying Australian economy.

This article has got the principle right. The carbon Tax will increase costs to the consumer and is appearing to cause lack of viability for businesses. The examples are basically hearsay and/or anecdotal, are likely true but not absolutely confirmed … Continue reading

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Those Devastating Queensland Election Results: Voters Hate Lies and the Carbon Tax

‘Is this a record? Has there ever been a loss this bad in Australian history? Conservatives likely to win 74 seats of an 89 seat parliament. Labor was reduced to only 11 seats in 1974, and on latest counting tonight … Continue reading

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