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“for we are young and free” – (Australian Anthem) – BUT, ARE WE “FREE”?

From FREEDOMWATCH.ipa.org Hopefully there is freedom to copy this on my blog. As is stated, a must read for all Australians concerned about our future! 26 February 2013Welcome to FreedomWatch, a regular email on threats to freedom of speech and … Continue reading

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Australia’s economy not so rosy!

Although this is reported in a major newspaper, the masses will still be unaware of the fragility of the Australian economy. They still seem prepared to accept politician’s rhetoric as gospel. Strange, after all the experience of politicians demonstrating their … Continue reading

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Australian Politics – No ticks for Julia Gillard

 This is  a political post even though I claim to be independent of political persuasions. The claims reproduced here are from a ‘Liberal’ issued document titled “Twenty Five examples of the dysfunctional and divided Gillard Government.” and linked here. It … Continue reading

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AGW – More lies revealed, more unsupported science evidence

Once again the warmists are caught out lying and revealing that they do not know enough about the climate to justify all the hype about man-made climate changes. Not to mention the millions of dollars spent, political controls, carbon controls, … Continue reading

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