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Hot weather and climate change – a mountain from a molehill?

This is a WUWT post  – Guest essay by Steve Goreham, Originally published in The Washington Times. It is reposted rather than reblogged because I have just read in the Australian Herald-Sun today, an article purporting to prove that global … Continue reading

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Climate Change Australia – Holding Alarmists To Account

Originally posted on PA Pundits – International:
By Andrew Bolt ~ Five years on, let’s revisit one of the most outrageous scare claims made by our local alarmists – the University of New South Wales Professor Mike Archer, then dean…

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AGW – More lies revealed, more unsupported science evidence

Once again the warmists are caught out lying and revealing that they do not know enough about the climate to justify all the hype about man-made climate changes. Not to mention the millions of dollars spent, political controls, carbon controls, … Continue reading

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Fatal flaw the last straw (Australian Gov’t)

This article, attributed to Andrew Bolt, posted on ‘NT News‘ and pointed out to me by ‘JustMeinT’, seems to me to cover the situation precisely. I have no political bias, they are all useless when it comes to looking after … Continue reading

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AGW – CO2 relationships – Some New Thoughts.

  Anthony Watt’s site WUWT posts some new revealing claims regarding man-made CO2 effects on planetary temperature.   The following is an extract: PROFESSOR MURRY SALBY Chair of Climate, Macquarie University Atmospheric Science, Climate Change and Carbon – Some Facts … Continue reading

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