AGW – More lies revealed, more unsupported science evidence

Once again the warmists are caught out lying and revealing that they do not know enough about the climate to justify all the hype about man-made climate changes. Not to mention the millions of dollars spent, political controls, carbon controls, carbon taxes, falsely educating children and the public.

We are being lied to, duped, fleeced and our intelligence insulted by “experts”.

Watts Up With That?

While the Waragamba dam overflows in NSW, and the Sydney Morning Herald reports…

‘Unprecedented amount of rain’: flood evacuations after Sydney dam spills

…and many Australians wonder just what the hell they ARE paying drought doomsayer turned discredited climate commissioner Tim Flannery for…at  Andrew Bolt’s blog, he writes about some of the BS that have come from warmists who said a few years back that Australia would not see rain like this again, but they won’t admit it now. I don’t usually repost articles in entirety, but Mr. Bolt uses WUWT material regularly, so I don’t think he’ll mind and this needs to be seen. These scientists are shameless.

The quotes that warmists claim don’t exist

By Andrew Bolt

I’ve already written about the deception in this piece by Anthony Sharwood, who falsely claims sceptics accuse alarmist scientist of saying it “would never rain again”.

The accusation is inherently…

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