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U.S. military comes out against WWIII

Media Release from CEC Australia. (Citizens Electoral Council of Australia). 6th of March 2012 U.S. military comes out against WWIII In a stunning, full-page ad in the 5th March Washington Post, senior figures of the U.S. military have intervened against … Continue reading

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Syria – more on Israeli/NATO/US aggression.

Originally posted on nsnbc:
As the next step of NATO’s military strategy in Syria is revealed, the Orwellian buzzwords evolve a stage further to include ‘collective air shields’ as well as the ‘humanitarian corridor’ – euphemisms for the deadly bombardment,…

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US unilaterally at war with Syria – Why?

It is likely that the US is going too far this time. The international community and leaders must be, or needs to be,  frantically working at preventing such a unilateral war effort by the US. Enough is enough! A recent … Continue reading

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World Renown Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease

What an upside down world we live in. The message for years has been that a low-fat diet is good for the prevention of heart disease, come to find out, that was wrong advice. It was advice that benefits the … Continue reading

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