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Fukushima – Incompetence, Corruption, Lies – Dangers

There are many posts on this blog related  to this title. The Category “nuclear” should list them. Then there is the ‘Page’ “Radiation” offering relevant information and links. This subject is of vital importance to the whole world.  Not by … Continue reading

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Australia Is “Ideal” for Contaminated Soil and Debris from Fukushima ?????

Can I believe this? Corruption knows no bounds!!! Just to avoid confusion, the Australian ex-minister is Andrew Thomson, not Dr. Haruki Madarame. This is serious stuff, not in the interests of the Australian public!

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Support for Whistleblowers – Truth Telling In War

I wholeheartedly agree with this group’s philosophy, beliefs and what they are trying to achieve. There appears to be two types of person, or two distinct ways of thinking and /or perceiving in the world of ours. What could be … Continue reading

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