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Beware dangerous new advice to use daily aspirin to prevent cancer

A ‘Natural News‘ post by Tony Isaacs. (NaturalNews) Before anyone jumps on the latest mainstream media bandwagon and begins taking daily aspirin to prevent cancer, there are several strong reasons to hesitate. To begin with, the study which produced the … Continue reading

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Dust – the new Environmental Villain!

Originally posted on Musings from the Chiefio:
OK, I’d seen the video in a couple of places. Latest was at WUWT. It mentions the EPA desire to regulate fine particulates and having a near zero safe value (which lets them…

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Climate Obstinately Refuses to Cooperate with Global Warming Alarmists

This Sott.net post by Larry Hills, Forbes, reveals the ‘inconvenient fact’ that global warming and its supposed relationship to atmospheric CO2 levels is far from supported by actual climate behaviour, just as it also arguably fails to be supported by valid science, … Continue reading

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Lockerbie aircrash – justice seen to be done, NOT!

Thanks Crystal, Scotland, the land of my forefathers. Usually, I can be proud of this fact, with good reason. However, here we have evidence of corruption at the highest levels. They seem to be part of the UK involvement in world … Continue reading

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Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles

Thanks, Crystal. Excellent article from ‘Natural News‘. As someone, not necessarily wise, has said, there are ‘known unknowns’and ‘unknown  unknowns’ and there are also ‘known’ truths. This philosophy is wise, and would be appropriate in the case of vaccination science. Bottom … Continue reading

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Those Devastating Queensland Election Results: Voters Hate Lies and the Carbon Tax

‘Is this a record? Has there ever been a loss this bad in Australian history? Conservatives likely to win 74 seats of an 89 seat parliament. Labor was reduced to only 11 seats in 1974, and on latest counting tonight … Continue reading

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