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Climate Obstinately Refuses to Cooperate with Global Warming Alarmists

This Sott.net post by Larry Hills, Forbes, reveals the ‘inconvenient fact’ that global warming and its supposed relationship to atmospheric CO2 levels is far from supported by actual climate behaviour, just as it also arguably fails to be supported by valid science, … Continue reading

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AGW – One man’s science is another man’s pseudo-science! Part 1.

Part 1 – Introduction. Still the debate rages. Very few protagonists change their views, regardless of the evidence. An effective summary would take several pages, but the way I see the  global warming scenario is simply that “climate science” cannot … Continue reading

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Solar Max 2014, then Grand Minimum for perhaps 100 years

It offers a serious assessment of the past relationship of ‘solar activity’ to Earth’s ‘Global Temperature’ and more importantly, a forecast of significantly lower temperatures in the near future.

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What’s Going On With the Sun?

Solar physicists agree that the Sun has been acting strangely of late. It relates to apparent abnormalities in the solar cycle, an approximately 11-year period during which the Sun’s magnetic activity oscillates from low strength to high strength, then back again. Continue reading

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Eminent geophysicist rejects global warming theory, says world on verge of ‘mini ice age’

© NASA Sunspot activity since 1990   An eminent Mexican geophysicist says that despite predictions of global warming based on computer models, the world may be on the verge of an eighty-year cold period similar to the “little ice age” … Continue reading

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