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EPA the Wrecking Ball.

Thanks WUWT! In agreement with just about all this post. In essence it sums up the situation very well. Except: Regarding solar and wind power deficiencies – Part time energy is not necessarily enough reason to rubbish it. Any energy … Continue reading

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AGW Propaganda – “The Sky is Falling”

This Sott.net post, by Seth Borenstein, The Associated Press, shows how the AGW warmist propaganda is so readily published, so easily accepted by the public, yet it is clearly absolute rubbish! I do not need to prove this point directly but will refer you … Continue reading

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Fukushima – Nuclear Radiation still a major danger.

Mixed thoughts about this post. The Fukushima disaster is probably the most serious current public health threat in the world. Yet to discuss this publicly appears to be almost futile. The danger exists, who can doubt that? The control and … Continue reading

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