EPA the Wrecking Ball.

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In agreement with just about all this post. In essence it sums up the situation very well.
Except: Regarding solar and wind power deficiencies – Part time energy is not necessarily enough reason to rubbish it. Any energy from true renewable sources is worthwhile, providing the embedded energy in manufacture is outweighed by the energy output. Whatever energy is produced is indisputably a clean source, and reduces the amount required from “fossil” fuels. There is nothing wrong with that.

Why should we not expect future research to result in much higher efficiencies from solar? Over a Kilowatt per square meter begging to be converted more efficiently! Part time, yes but everlasting (sort of) and free!
Alan calls wind power structures ugly. I disagree, I see them as magnificent. They are certainly far, far more aesthetic than the high voltage power distribution towers and all the poles and cables associated with above-ground distribution.
Regarding nuclear, again I am not in agreement. Given the possibility that coal and gas supplies are perhaps not in such short supply as claimed ( Check out “Peak Oil, or continuous supply?“), and perhaps not as environmentally damaging as claimed, nuclear would be better left alone until we develop safer systems. (IMHO). Or forever, if better alternatives become available.

Watts Up With That?

Guest post By Alan Caruba

The Environmental Protection Agency is using its power to advance the objective of the environmental movement to deny Americans access to the energy that sustains the nation’s economy and is using the greatest hoax ever perpetrated, global warming—now called “climate change”—to achieve that goal.

“This standard isn’t the once-and-for-all solution to our environmental challenge,” said Lisa Jackson, the EPA administrator, “but it is an important commonsense step toward tackling the ongoing and very real threat of climate change and protecting the future for generations to come. It will enhance the lives of our children and our children’s children.”

This is a boldfaced lie. Its newest rule is based on the debasement of science that is characterized and embodied in the global warming hoax. It will deprive America of the energy it requires to function.

Since the 1980s the Greens have been telling everyone that carbon…

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  1. In suggesting oil as “perhaps not as environmentally damaging as claimed” I am referring to its combustion. In no way will I condone the criminal environmental damage resulting from the unsafe underwater drilling and associated, blatant disregard for the safety of humans and wildlife by the oil companies.

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