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US State Department Hands Terror-Cult US Base in Iraq

Originally posted on Land Destroyer:
Unimaginable Treason at the Highest Levels of US Governance.by Tony Cartalucci March 9, 2012 – In an unbelievable act of high treason and overt criminality, the US State Department, headed by Secretary of State Hillary…

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Cancer of the Spirit: On the Bridge review

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By Robert C. Koehler Can we squeeze the glory out of the word “war”?  Can we talk about savage irrationality and lifelong inner hell instead?  Can we talk about the wreckage of two countries? Can…

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US unilaterally at war with Syria – Why?

It is likely that the US is going too far this time. The international community and leaders must be, or needs to be,  frantically working at preventing such a unilateral war effort by the US. Enough is enough! A recent … Continue reading

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